". . . . . In bed"

  1. In college, whenever my roommates and I ordered Chinese food, we'd read the fortunes out loud and added 'in bed' at the end.

    Post your fortunes with 'in bed' here.

    Some examples:

    You are more likely to give than give in . . . . in bed

    Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded . . . in bed

    Good advice will be given to you; do not ignore it . . . in bed
  2. My friends and I do this too. We've had some crazy ones....I don't remember any now though :smile:
  3. That's kind of funny! DH & I will have to try that next time we get chinese!
  4. My friends and I do this all the time!!! It's really funny.
  5. haha! That's too funny!
  6. WAIT!!

    I got a fortune cookie once, and you know what it said?!?!?

    "You will get a fortune. Cookie."


    So maybe my husband brought one to bed one night and I will find a fortune cookie in bed!!!
  7. I'm opening a fortune cookie right now and it says,
    "If you promise someone something, keep it"....in bed.
  8. Yes, I learned that waay back in summer camp so now I always do that, even if I don't say it outloud (like with family... we just say the traditional ones but I always add it on in my head). It makes even the boring fortunes more interesting :smile: I don't remember any of the good ones now though.
  9. that game was amusing until I got a fortune that read "eat more chinese food" HAAARRR harrrr harrr!
  10. My dad used to play this game, except he and his friends would add "said the dutchess" at the end of the fortune.

    ("In bed" is funnier!)
  11. Wow. My boss does the exact same thing when we go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant! And up until I met her I'd never known anyone else to do that.
  12. That's hilarious!!
  13. i do this with my friends often and sometimes the messages are not funny at all even when you add IN BED!!! ARGHRHGAHGHARGHAGR!!!
  14. My husband and I have one taped to our refrigerator (we got it on one of our first dates)....

    There is a true and sincere friendship between you....in bed!
  15. We always did this, too. I don't exactly have an "appropriate" family, so we'd say all of them out loud with "in bed" added, haha.