In Anticipation of This Year's Golden Globes . . .

  1. Why In Style Magazine Loves the Golden Globes!

    These days there seem to be more award ceremonies than ever, but - sorry, Oscar! - nothing can compare to the Golden Globes. Why do we adore this show so? Let us count the ways . . . .
    1. EVERYONE IS BUBBLY! As Molly Sims and Ellen DeGeneres demonstrate, drinking is permitted - make that encouraged. From the moment the star steps out of the limo and receives a Moet & Chandon sippy cup, the champagne flows freely all night long. (Last year nearly 1,800 bottles were uncorked.)​
    2. IT'S AN A-LIST BONANZA Because this night honors TV as well as movies, the wattage on the red carpet is unparalleled. And there's no shortage of glam gowns on display. Think Halle Barry in Valentino, Charlize Theron in Dior by John Galliano and a Versace-clad Uma Thurman.​
    3. POTTY HUMOR Nature has a way of calling at inopportune moments - live . . . from the ladies room. Just ask Renee Zellweger, who was in the loo when Hugh Grant announced her name as best actress for Nurse Betty. "Renee is drunk, ladies and gentlemen," joked Grant. "I had lipstick on my teeth!" protested Zellweger.​
    4. STARS ARE BORN The Hollywood Foreign Press - the organization behind the Globes - loves actors so much that it constantly creates new celebrites. Take Julia Roberts, for example, who first won for Steel Magnolias in 1990 - 11 years before she picked up an Oscar (and another Globe) for Erin Brockovich.
    5. THINGS GET WILD Imagine the Desperate Housewives dirty dancing (at an In Style's annual blowout) or Angelina Jolie jumping into the pool in her Randolph Duke dress in 1999. No one gets down like this at any other awards show party. Not even on Grammy night, come to think of it.​
    6. IT'S AN OSCAR PREVIEW Long ago (1982) viewers had nothing to do during the Globes than muse: Who is this "best newcomer" Pia Zadora? Nowadays, they're betting on whether a winner will score at the Academy Awards a month later. Sure, Oscar has a lot of cachet, but as Jamie Foxx might say, A kiss is still a kiss.​
    7. THE OOPS MOMENTS We live for the unscripted gaffes, like in 2001 when Liz Taylor almost blurted out the best picture winner (Gladiator) before reading the nominees. As Dick Clark came to her rescue, the legend quipped, "I'm new at this!"​
    8. MISS GOLDEN GLOBE We get a kick out of watching the likes of Dakota Johnson - daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith hand out the trophies. It's a coming-out party for Hollywood offspring. (Sidebar: Jack Nicholson's 16 year-old daughter, Lorraine, is this year's Miss Golden Globe.)
    9. THE PARTY-HOPPING Post-show, the Beverly Hilton hotel morphs into an A-list mall with an array of after-party options all under one roof. In 2002, the "Aussie posse" - Oz residents Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - bounced from bash to bash. Joked Jackman, "It's a big pub crawl."​
    10. THE ODD COUPLES What to Christina Aguilera and Brittany Murphy have in common? What about Clint Eastwood and Usher? Or Madonna and Jack Nicholson? They've all been invited to the Globes, for one thing. And that's about it. ​

    (It's not just the Golden Globes, but I always get excited to get at least just a peek at the lavish goody bags for the nominees / presenters at awards shows. And I always used to watch Joan Rivers's Fashion Police on E! after an awards show aired.)