In anticipation of my 1000th post...

  1. ...which I hit yesterday, I made some new purchases from eLuxury. OK, the 1000th post was a flimsy excuse :P, but I bought them nonetheless! They arrived this morning, but because FedEx comes to my house really early in the morning for some strange reason, I totally slept through the battering on the front door. So I had to go pick them up from FedEx because they're closed tomorrow and I wouldn't get them until Wednesday.

    So here are my newsies:

    Damier Speedy 25

    I didn't really like this before, but then everyone got it and the more I looked at it, the more I fell in love with it!


    Inclusion Speedy Key Ring Twins

    I never noticed these before, but they started sprouting up on the forum and I found them irresistibly cute!




    My Speedy 25 twins with their own Speedy Inclusion twins :biggrin:


    There was another item in this shipment, but because it's not Louis Vuitton, you can see it here if you're curious :graucho:.
    damier speedy.jpg inclusion.jpg inclusion beige.jpg inclusion black.jpg speedy twins 2.jpg
  2. YAY!!! Beautiful haul!!! I love the twins...and the twins!!!
  3. Congrats! So many speedies, so little time! Love it!
  4. love those combos! you are such a bad influence!
  5. oh i am :graucho::devil::angel:
  6. Gorgeous new purchases, congrats ~!
  7. Beautiful yeaux - can't wait for my 1000th post!
  8. Very nice!:love:
  9. Ohhh, those are sooo nice :love: :love: I love your twins & their little cuties on each on them. That looks fabulous!! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats Sandra!! I know you will love them.
  11. How cute are those? I love them!
  12. Cute. Congrats!
  13. Congrats, both sets of twins are adorable!
  14. oh i do, i do :love:!
  15. Congrats, Sandra!

    The bags are beautiful:heart::heart:, and I LOVE the little twins!:love:

    Lucky you! Hooray!:yahoo: