In Anticipation of 1000...Handbag Giveaway!!

  1. Hey feels like it has taken me forever to get to 1000, especially as I spend 1/2 of my workday here:Push: ....but this site has become a really great place for me to be!! There are so many amazing people posting here, and I always find something to smile about:smile: !! I would like to celebrate my 1000th post by giving away a couple of bags from our website. If you are interested...please just say so...and I will add your name to the hat! I will announce who won the bags with my 1000th post. Two bags...two winners!!!
    2004001010.jpg 2007000613..jpg
  2. That is so sweet of you Anne! :heart:

  3. Are you in????? :graucho: :graucho: And how do you like your Ferragamo bag???
  4. Wow Anne, you are so sweet and nice! Please count me in!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could win! I love both, I would have no problem!
  5. Me,me, me! I'm in! Congratulations on almost reaching 1000 posts--i'm almost up there myself, and I have only been a member since August. I usually keep TPF up when I am working at home, or when I am watching TV. What can I say? I'm a multi-tasker, and it looks like you are too!
  6. Count me in! What a great idea...I think I'll do this soon too! I just hit 1,000+ without realizing it! yay, tPF! :yahoo: :heart:
  7. Very sweet idea...Congrats on reaching 1000 posts...
  8. That's awful sweet of you! :love: Count me in :shame:

    Wishing you lots of 1000s more great posts and an equally great time on here on the Purseforum

    I feel just like you do! :yes: I'm doing an internship at the Chamber of Commerce right now, meaning I'm sitting 8h a day in a tiny little office. Just me and my PC. I'm so glad I found tPF because I always find some fun thread to participate in and to entertain myself.

    I really feel that this is the most active forum with the most friendly people I've ever met online. I'm amazed at how little bashing, trashing and trolling there is on here. Meg, Vlad and the Mod really do a great job! :flowers:
  9. Yes a big...:yahoo: :yahoo: to Megs and Vlad!! What a wonderful place for us all to be!! I have never been on another forum...and find no reason to go looking!!
  10. Newbie saying happy almost 1000 posts! I'm working on my first 100 posts and am learning a lot and having lots of fun. LoL and please add my name in the hat if it's ok. :heart:
  11. Aww!! YAY on almost reaching your 1000th!!!

    Please add my anme to the list, I lovee the clutch!
  12. That is so sweet of you!!

    Please add me to the list--they are both gorgeous!!:yes:
  13. add me too. and congrats.....
  14. Well...if there ia anywhere to give away a handbag, and get a lot of would be this Forum!! I am feeling like a million bucks about right now:shame: :yahoo: !!!
  15. That's really thoughtful of you. Wishing you all the best with your 1000th post.
    Don't count me in.