In Addition To eBay Striking....Goggle e-mailing!!

  1. In addition to those who are going to strike please also e-mail Google each day asking them to launch an auction website.
  2. Google offers an eBay shortcut oin their menu bar. . . I don't know if they're looking to ruffle eBay feathers{?}
  3. At the end of the day they are a business and if they think there's enough money to be made......

    Gotta be worth a try!
  4. I agree, Mooks. If anything, they should be a little bent that eBay won't accept their Google checkout as an accepted form of payment.

    Couldn't hurt to try. They seem to be the only contender that COULD do it.
  5. Exactly, can't hurt and they are really the only ones with the infrastructure, money and checkout all ready to roll it out
  6. Didn't Google used to have a auction site many moons ago (I'm thinking about 6-7 years ago)??

    I can't wait for an alternative to the eBay/Paypal monopoly!!!

    eta hmm maybe it was Yahoo??
  7. Yeah Yahoo did auctions a long while ago.

    Google launched a shopping site called Froogle but closed it within a couple of years I think. That was solely fixed price items not auctions
  8. oh yeah i remember froogle but i thought it waas just like a search engine for products to buy.

    anyway, im really happy to see so many people outraged and boycotting ebay. maybe something good will actually come out of all it.
  9. No you could actually list stuff for sale on Froogle
  10. I work in the Internet biz and haven't heard any buzz about Google and auctions - I have a friend there - I'll try to remember to ask him (not that he'll be able to say anything). I think there is room for a high end auction site - especially for handbags/accessories/clothing/shoes - that sort of thing. Ebay doesn't seem to have a handle on the authenticity situation and Paypal isn't very "seller friendly". Plus Google could be the checkout for that new site - hmmm, maybe I should write a business plan and go get some VC money ....
  11. Go for it!!! You'd have a ton of support