In a spring mood, took out my S/S 06 Bronze Stam!

  1. So it is beautiful here in the CT area and I decided to switch out a black bag for my S/S 06 Bronze Stam since the bag is still hot and so are metallics! What a beauty to carry! Glad I keep her!:smile:
  2. Sorry to be a pain, but have you had any problems with the color rubbing off yet?
  3. Spring weather always makes me want to change bags, too!
  4. I felt that way a few weeks ago with my stam!
  5. Weather is great girls, I think I need to switch out my bag too!

    Bronze stam is great for spring, metallics are still really hot, esp the muted colors like bronze.
  6. Hmmm, I haven't noticed any of the color rubbing off. Why has yours?
  7. must have been a sight to see the ms bronze stam frolicking in the sunshine!!