In a Quandry over name of bag

  1. I am have a Black Braedon/Braeden bag and there is some confusion over the name. It was bought by me from Saks in Cincinatti. The Kooba tags say Braedon but the Kooba site says Braeden. I know in the past we have seen these mispellings on the Kooba site itself but now I had a person write me asking if it was guaranteed authentic because the tag is spelled wrong and Kooba told her that it was Braeden. I look up Kooba Braedon on google and a ton of other online shops spell it Braedon. The bag is undeniably real, absolutely gorgeous. I'd rather keep it myself than risk a bad feedback. Any idea?





  2. Bra6.JPG

    And here is the tags... (???)
  3. I have written an addendum to my auction. I hope that clears it up although the name descrepency doesn't make it easy on us sellers. Why did they hvae to make a bag with such a weird @ss name anyway?
  4. Wow....nice bag! The difference in spelling is unfortunate though. I can see why especially on eBay buyers would be wary, which is not fair to you of course.

    Hopefully your feedback will speak for itself and the spelling discrepancy won't make a bit of difference.
  5. I agree. While I think it's good that you wrote the addendum, I don't think it will affect your final selling price.

    Kooba should really get their story straight though!
  6. I should NOT have opened this thread! Now I want a Braeden again! :nuts:

    Looks SO good on hubs!
  7. But do you want a Braedon or a Braeden?????? Arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!
    This better not come back to bite me and get me a neg for selling fakes. The bag is so luxurious and undeniably real but Newbies don't know the difference between Kooba and Cuba. They see a mispelled name (on a Kooba tag to boot) and they will scream fake.

    Anyone else have a Braedon that still has tags? I should have not included the tags and said I never had them.
  8. I always thought it was "Braedon", but has "Braeden" for sure.

    Lame, I tell you! I would just put both spellings in the tiltle of my auction & forget about authenticity issues. Proving authenticity falls on the buyer anyway & yours is real, no matter how you spell it.

    I would complain to Kooba, however. But we all know how much they care about our problems...:graucho:
  9. Okay, is it unethical to close it, take out the fact I have tags, and let the bag speak for itself?

    I decided to do just that. I will call Kooba tomorrow and see if they admit to any of their tags being mispellled. Yah sure. I'll relist it in the future when I find out more, if I can.
  10. Ha, I was watching that bag... I think if someone bids on it, knowing about the descrepancies with the spelling, they have no cause to leave negative feedback. BUT, people are nuts so... I think you're doing the right thing by closing down the auction until you can find out some more info.
  11. I am calling Kooba tomorrow...and I'm sure they'll straighten this all out....LOL Anyway, I will relist in a day or so and mysteriously I will have lost the tags. Whether or not Kooba had made the mistake and will admit to it, it does not look good.
  12. Lexie, I know nothing about the Braedon or the Braeden, except that it's a lovely looking bag.

    Heck if Kooba can't get it right, what hope is there to have a water tight name on an eBay auction unless you use both. This is crazy. We all know you're selling a totally legit bag and that's what makes it so annoying.

    However, if potential buyers check on the Internet, they will find both variations, so I'm sure they'll wise up to the fact that both versions of the name were used for authentic bags.

    It's a shame Kooba customer service isn't better, because if it was another company, they might have offered you a letter to clarify the issue, which you could have added to your auction photos.

    This situ is very annoying.
  13. I guess the issue is, that it is getting harder and harder to authenticate bags. With linings changing from season to season, some styles changing season to season as with the Ada and Jillian (stud count is different and varied), with Fakers knowing how to make the correct zipper pull, leather type changing from season to season, it's going to get to the point that you won't know it's real until you get it into your hands (and then that is only if you know your Koobas). Then with Koobas lack of service, it's virtually impossible to get help.
  14. My Braedon is/was the same as yours, Lexie, the tag identical. Rose bought mine. I believe my tag had terraine as the color even though the bag was black. Try explaining that one.

    Good luck to you.
  15. So yours said BRAEDON too? Well, that means someone made a Booboo. Oooops, I just can't for the life of me figure out where I put those tags. I swear I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Oh well, the bag speaks for itself.