In a quandary - keep or return?

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  1. This is a keeper for sure. Try it with just black and white and let it be your pop of color
  2. Keep it! Be adventurous and wear it with everything!! It s a beauty!
  3. I have the 2010c bleu roi and a number of other bright blue bags and I feel like I can wear it with most outfits. I think it's just about being comfortable with a pop of color. You'd be surprised how much it can go with! Good in any season I think! Great for spring/summer months, but gorgeous against Fall jewel tones and autumn leaves, and a wonderful pop in winter!
  4. Ohhh this blue is soooo pretty! I would totally wear it in all seasons! In colder months, I wear a lot black or grey jackets and a pop of blue color would be perfect!! Keep! You can totally style it with no problem at all

  5. +1
  6. I feel this is more of a special occasions bag. The electric blue is too bright in my opinion and very attention grabbing. Perhaps that's a good thing? ;)
  7. keep if you have outfits that goes with it!