In a quandary - keep or return?

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  1. Hello all. I purchased the cobalt blue jumbo in caviar leather ( see pics - borrowed from others) and while I think the color is absolutely stunning, I am debating whether I should keep it return it. Not sure what to wear with it and if due to the color it's really a ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461250467.749768.jpg seasonal bag ( summer and spring only). For those who have the beauty, do you find yourself reaching for it often? Any advice would be appreciated. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461250447.592600.jpg
  2. I think it will look great with summer outfits, such as white. It's a beautiful bag :smile:
  3. Gorgeous!!! Keeper🏽

  4. That's precisely my problem with it. It's completely seasonal and at its current retail price, I just think that's impractical for a summer bag.
  5. I've seen this beauty in person a few weeks back it's stunning, but if it doesn't make your heart sing and you are having doubts - maybe it's not the right bag for you...
  6. I don't have this bag but I do have a Celine trapeze in this exact color and I love it! It's actually easier for me to match this bag than my navy m/l classic flap. I wear a lot of neutral colours. It goes well with black, grey, other shades of blue, white, beige and army green. I'd also wear it with yellow and other brighter shades in the summer.
  7. I consider any blue to be neutral and easily worn all year long with any colours.
  8. Most definitely a keeper!
  9. +1 Keep
  10. I wear my bright blues all year. It goes with everything . Looks amazing with jeans, white, black, prints, browns, yellows etc.
    It is not at all seasonal in my opinion. Good luck deciding
  11. Wow!!! Keep!!!
    They are correct, it shld go with almost everything neutral and colorful outfit!
  12. I think it's beautiful! It took me a while to come around to bright coloured bags - the only way to get comfortable is to just wear one!! :biggrin:
  13. No, this just doesn't do it for me & I adore jumbos & caviar - mine is the black n gold and it's superb but this is notmy fav

  14. +1
  15. +1 Just like Jeans, what color/season doesn't go with jeans? :tup: