In a pinch for Vert Gazon!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am looking for a vert gazon twiggy or city for my cousin for Christmas. I am going to try to call around stores to see if there are any available; however, I have also just had a death in my family and am really short on time. If you guys see any in your Christmas shopping let me know and I will call the store to have it sent...I would be so grateful! I know that there have been a couple on eBay recently; but the listings ended (my cousin has just now decided that she has to have VG). Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
  2. did you check real deal collection? she's got a vert gazon city, i think...
  3. :yes:Yep, she does. With RH.:yes:
  4. yay! problem solved! i just bought it! thanks yall! :smile: corey was fabulously helpful as always!