in a funk?

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  1. any one feel like they are in a funk, or is it just me?

    it seems that most my days are spent laying down or sitting. im just in so much pain that i can't do much of anything. my doc said to rest often, and it seems like that is all that i do. my days are drifting by in a blur of nothingness... just getting up to use the restroom is a pain in the pelvis. i feel as if im neglecting my younger son [older is in school]. he is fine, but im sure we could be spending more time together. he is content to watch pbs kids for a little bit and then play in his room. i guess im just blah because i can't really get up and be active. i can't go to the mall and shop, i can't go for a walk. when i cook dinner i have to do most of it while sitting at the table, i get up to stir and check on things then i have to sit down again. im ready to be back to my old self again, and i still have a long way to go. *sigh*
  2. dh calls to tell me something, then he ends the call with "try to take a nap" GRRRRRRR...i feel as if that is all i do. i don't want to take a nap! lol i know he didn't mean anything by it, but sheeesh.
  3. Trust me girl, I'm there with you! As I sit here with a massive cold (ugh) I feel all I do when Im home is relax (when Im totally healthy, btw)...I do take a nap during the day and Im also in tons of pain from my back, which Im sure everyone on this forum is aware of....I feel like a bump on a log and so useless but also feel like my hands are kinda tied. If I do too much, my back is SCREAMING in pain at the end of the day, more than it normally is. I hate to side with your hubby, but relax!! It can only do you good...:hugs:
  4. I am in a funk too...not because of pain just things at work are changing...I am going off soon...have to make decisions about things I don't want to etc
    and I am dead tired...I just can't get motivated GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! is right

    hang in there :biggrin:
  5. Awe!! Hugs to you!!

    I know how you feel, though!! I have been stuck at home unable to go anywhere for the past 2 months, and I won't get any better, and I still have 10 more weeks!!!! I have battled heart problems my whole life, and since I have gotten pregnant I feel like my heart is in complete overdrive!!! I sleep ALL DAY!!! I can't work anymore, all I do is sleep and eat, I am on the same routine as my dog!!! But, I know that it is just temporary and we will have such beautiful blessings when it is all over with, and as soon as we see our babies, all the pain and discomfort we endured during pregnancy will go away!!! :smile:
  6. Can I join in??? You are not alone, My life feels like one big funk right now! I'm so tired all the time plus I take care of my children(22mths & 5.5yrs.) and my niece( 7mths.) all day, so no naps for me.
    Not to mention I'm now going to see the doctor every 2 weeks now which is such a hassle.
    My back, hips, and other body parts hurt. With a long 6wks left to go:Push:!!!!
  7. well ladies, sad to say, but im glad im not i know it's temporary. but right now it just seems to be what my life has become...and that is one nap after another. everyone tells me to enjoy it while i can because once she is here i won't be getting much sleep and then i will want to rest all day, but im so bored. i want to be out in the world doing something *sigh*. i guess i need to just look on the bright side and realize that i am making a baby and things will get better :]] i need to get a puzzle book or something!!
  8. he is going on 4, so i don't think that he would sit still or stay focused long enough to be able to knit. we have been practicing his alphabet and first words though...he is too cute and gets all excited.
  9. Coming from a hubby...I know its hard to just sit there and relax and nap when it feels like that all you do. I for one, wish that I could take away all the pain and hurt that keeps my DW in a constant state of boredom. It feels like I am totally helpless in the fact that I can not do anything to help her. I have to go to work, but I feel like I need to cure her boredom some how and I cant. I love her so very much and in this stage of the game I can not do anything to help. And I am sure that when he said "take a nap" he was just trying to be caring and comforting. I bet he loves you very much. 143