In a fire, which bag would you save?

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  1. I can't decide!

    I would probably try to put as many bags in my denim cabas as possible.
  2. Of course! All of them!!! If not, I'll die with them and go to purse heaven. Hehe!
  3. It would have to be one of my jumbos even though they are the easiest to replace.
  4. I think it would have to be my re-issue.
  5. it would be the lady braid.
  6. Cloudy bundle bowler...not necessarily because it's my favorite, but because I think it would be the hardest to replace.
  7. Non-black jumbo.
  8. OMG this is a GREAT question. I think I am going to start storing my bags inside each other so I just have to take the biggest one and the rest are inside - LOL!

    Do you take the most expensive, the one you use most or the classic one? I have no idea - I'll think about it.

    In the meantime, I do have an LV keepall 55 - I wonder how many I can fit in there? Hmmmm
  9. The night after the infamous Air Florida crash in D.C. someone fire bombed the brownstone 2 doors up from my building/apt. It ended up being a 5 alarm fire. I looked at my meager wardrobe and asked of self "what do I want to wear for the next three months?" I jumped into my Perry Ellis pants, grabbed the warmest coat and whatever purse was packed, called the F.D. and got everyone in the builiding awake. You have very little time to plan. Let's hope it never happens to any of us. Have renter's insurance!
  10. I can't decide...probably my grey reissue.
  11. I don't even wanna think about this.
  12. I second this! I'm afraid to say that as much as I love my bags, I think when push comes to shove, saving my chanels wouldn't be on my mind....thank good ness for renter's insurance (replacement value, thank you) and documentation in a safe deposit box!
  13. But for some bags, insurance can't replace for any amount of money. I've seen many gorgeous color jumbo but I can't find one to buy. But realistically in a fire, Chanel would hardly come to mind. It's not the most precious thing.
  14. I would take the ones that I cannot rebuy in the stores, i.e. ones that were particularly hard to track down - I guess with the classic range, that's always replaceable
    But I agree with all the above, as much as I love designer bags, I don't think it'll come to my mind during a fire - I'd probably want to save photos first if I had any time to do that.

  15. Navy Patent Reissue....