in a dilema....

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  1. So I originally was going to get the damier koala wallet but i'm loving the azur :drool: What's the inside of it look like? I'm just afraid i'd get things on it so easy because of the color :shrugs:

  2. I prefer dark color wallets because they usually get thrown around all the time.
  3. yeah i'm leaning towards the dark ;)
  4. I believe the inside of the azur one is the same color as the lighter shade on the pattern. I have the regular damier koala wallet and I love it.
  5. i prefer the Damier. it looks so classy, and i love the red interior :love:! and mcmug17 is right; wallets tend to get knocked around, so a darker one won't show the dirt as much :yes:
  6. okay then it's settled - dark it is!

    Thanks girls! :yahoo:
  7. ^Glad you decided on the dark one... I was going to vote for that one too!

    Pls post pics if you get it!
  8. I definetly will :yes:
  9. Good choice! :yes:
  10. i like azur better but if i'm gonna get it, it'll be regular damier :smile: