In a depressing bag slump LOL

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  1. As I add up the $ I've spent on bags lately, it's making me ill to see what I spent on ONE bag, and they are all trendy :cry: I loved them initially but now think I got caught up in the trends - I sold my LV collection off to buy what I have now and am having big time 2nd thoughts.

    Should I keep what I have or sell to get LVs or Chanels that seem to hold value? I tend to be drawn to the trendy bags but wonder if I just want them because I see them on the celebs?

    ahh, am I insane for thinking this way??? :blink:
  2. I think that celebs give any bag more publicity... sometimes more credit than the bag actually deserves... i guess this "publicity" makes it more "trendy". I don't think that celebs should be a reason why you buy a bag.

    But, if you like your bags and you love the way it looks on you, then you should keep it all.

    When I look at my bill... i just shrug my shoulders :whistle: :roflmfao: i reflect on it for only a second, rationalize that it was worth it and move on!!
  3. Sorry to hear about your depression Twinklette! Don't buy bags because you think they will hold more value, keep what you have if they make you happy. Celebs and trends come and go so just focus on what makes you feel special.
  4. Ah Twink, cheer up. You have beautiful bags, but if your just not feeling great about some of them, letting them go is O.K. then you'll have all of that extra cash to make you feel better.
  5. I keep the bags I love no matter what. I can tell you I have a lot of baguettes that aren't in style, but I love them anyway. I tend to love anything that SJP had on SATC. I doubt I would ever sell them.
    It just matters what bags make you happy. If having certain bags make you happy then keep them.
  6. Keep the bags you love. Don't buy bags simply because they hold value. If I'm not happy with a bag, it goes... So, you're not insane :biggrin:
  7. pursegal is right keep what love twinks,i have bags i barely use but i love them so there still with me but the ones i dont like i sell :smile: