In a bit of a Tiff..I need hugs please..

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: Okay, I just need to vent a wee bit. It's my birthday week and I wanted something really special since I'm going off to war and all. My DH ok'd me making a huge purchase due to this fact. Well, b/c I was feeling a bit guilty for what I asked him for...I sold something to help offset the cost. I found out today the buyer wants a refund. The issue...I used the funds already combined with all the spare cash I had available. The buyer was really nice and is willing to be patient with me while I find a way to repay her, but I am still feeling pretty bummed out b/c I had been on cloud nine all week about my expected arrival of my b-day gift. Not to mention, I had to PM my seller, who went out on a limb to sell me this item if we could cancel the transaction. Especially since she placed it on hold for me when she had others waiting to immediately purchase it. Even though I haven't heard back from her yet to know if she's willing to cancel, I still really feel like such a huge schmuck!!!
    To make matters worse, I know my DH is trying to be supportive and hasn't made a negative comment about this situation; but, I also know he's pretty fed up with my obsession and now this! Ugh.... what a B-day this is going to turn out to be :sad: :crybaby:! Thanks for letting me ramble.
  2. Well first off I would like to thank you for serving our country....

    Second....Here's BIG hugs :flowers: :biggrin: :flowers:

    I think because of the sacrifices you are making in serving our country, that you deserve to treat urself, and I think that is probably how your DH feels also...this will pass....sometimes things happen that we don't expect(like a buyer asking for a refund) and it's not like you planned it that way. Actually you tried to help the situation by selling some things. It is not ur fault...and I'm sure your DH realizes this.

  3. Which war? I assume the Iraq war? Either way, good luck, and thank you for doing your duty (even though I don't agree with the war...that's neither here nor there)!
    So why is the buyer backing out and wanting a refund? Does he deserve a refund? I mean, you're not Wal-Mart.
  4. Hey Pquiles,

    I'm sorry to hear about it =( you were responsible enough to plan out the cash needs and it's so unfortunate and unfair that the buyer wanted a refund and caused a domino effect. *hugs*

    it's very nice of you to give the buyer a refund coss i'm sure you're not obligated to do it since most sales are final.

    I'm glad your husband is being nice about it. go and do something that you enjoy or that relaxes you and hopefully that will lift your spirits a little. have a wonderful wonderful birthday. I know you were looking forward to getting that present but whatever it is, you should go out with loved ones and have a great celebration.

    and last but not least, thank you for serving and helping the country. It is such a huge commitment and sacrifice. So thank you very much.

    *BIG HUGS*
  5. Hi guys, thank you so much for the hugs, very kind words of advice, concern and gratitude. They are so very much appreciated. I knew that I would find words of wisdom from my fellow pfers. The item I sold has a few flaws with it that I didn't notice when I inspected it...(light rubs on the edge and a loose thread). Her concerns were that it could potentially unravel and the item may lose value for future resale.
    I know I am not obligated to refund her; but, I thought that if it were me and I was uncomfortable with a purchase I would want the seller to give me the option of a refund if I asked. I take responsibility for my items and I hope to have each customer satisfied (may be unrealistic :shrugs: ) with their product.
    The buyer really hasn't been mean, in fact she's been very nice about the whole situation and has stated that she is willing to work with me in regards to getting her money back.
    I haven't heard from the seller yet in terms of cancelling the transaction b/t us. She's probably been very busy and hasn't logged on. I know she's probably very disappointed. I just hate disappointing others...a personal issue of mine...I know.
  6. aawww hugs to u girl... :smile:

    and good luck doing your duty, we're be waiting for you here and hoping u'll be back safe and sound
  7. Hey Charles, Thank you for your support. I truly do appreciate it :smile: . Yes, it's the one and only GWOT. Being in the service, I don't have much choice where I go because it's my duty. I just make sure I do what I must and train really hard so I can prepare and protect those who serve under me.
    The buyer wants a refund b/c there were some minor flaws in the item I sold to her. Not fake or anything, just a thread that was loose and very small color transfer. I didn't notice them when I inspected it and had listed the item as "pristine".
  8. **Hugs***

    Dont feel bad, it happens.....Ive made some terrible purchases that I regretted and gotten alot of headaches for....its one of those things....

    Also....THANK YOU for your service to our country and each of us!!!!! There are no words to express my gratitude fully!!!!!!
  9. Oh...well yeah. I'm glad you're an honorable seller! I wish all people were like you.
  10. Thank you. One of the reasons I love being on tPF is b/c there seemed to be a lot of good people here. Feels really good to log on and talk to others that are for the most part, not disrespectful to you know?? Not to mention crazy about the same stuff I'm nuts about . My friends and my family don't get my excitement about handbags and shoes like you guys do here. Don't mean to sound mushy...but really, it's the only place I can be mushy...:p Certainly can't do it at work:smile: .
  11. You're doing the right thing as a seller, even tho it's causing you a problem. what an upstanding person you are!! Try to enjoy your birthday anyway--Happy Birthday!!!--and I'm so very proud of you, serving your country. Best wishes--come home safely.
  12. I hope it all works out for you with the transactions. But more important, thanks for your service to our country. All of our service people are in my prayers.
  13. Its people like you that make our country proud. Thanks for your service.
    Just make sure your buyer sends back exactly what you sent her. And doens't try to do a switch on you.
  14. Thanks for the support everyone.

    I have a good feeling about the buyer so I really don't believe she would switch pull a switcheroo on me. From our commo she has been really patient thus far.
  15. *hugs* hope everything works out for you