in a bit of a dilemma..

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  1. So you all know I bought:
    pomme ludlow
    & groom cles

    and you may know I'm a small bag/clutch girl at heart
    I've been thinking about the amarante french wallet, where I could stick my slim cell in there on the go. But is it wise then to keep the ludlow? I already am stretching the little needs I have in a wallet between the cles and ludlow, but I really want an amarante accessory. But don't know what else to go for since I'm not a vernis agenda fan right now, more of a bright epi for that. What would you do? Malibu Street in amarante is also an option, pricey for its size, but an option if I can use it as a clutch. I always wanted a red wallet, but could never find one I liked until now, I like the whole red not exactly superstition but welcomed reasoning. So I don't know what to do.. I know amarante is two seasons away, but knowing me, I'm going to love the color either way.. so currently I have:
    pomme ludlow
    groom cles- (think I should keep it becuase its the most interesting of the bigger cles' minus perfo)
    mini myrtile (sp) agenda
    mini azur pochette accessories

    thanks and any opinions welcomed! :heart:
  2. hmmm... I'd say an amarante Malibu street... since you'll have time to save up for it even though it's more costly than other accessories.

    Plus I think the deep cherry colour will look FAB in the malibu street!
  3. ^^thanks jadecee!