In a Bag Rut, Opinions Please!

  1. [​IMG]

    Cole haan large zip hobo village weave collection


    If "sweet dreams audra hobo"

    Or are they both yucky? I've returned every bag I've bought lately b/c I haven't been in love w/ them....Help me.
  2. Oh Darn, I wish I wouldn't have seen that Sweet Dreams Audra. I want it!!!! I love that bag. I don't care much for the Cole Haan.
  3. That Sweet Dreams IF is a cute bag. But if you're in a rut, don't buy to just buy. I went through that phase a few months ago. I was buying to buy and was good about retruning them though--so glad I did that!

    Now I have three bags that I absolutely adore! So take your time!
  4. Don't impulse buy - I do it all the time and end up with the next morning "what was I thinking?" disease - The IF is nice but I'm concerned about all those studs.
  5. I do like the sweet dreams IF...I just can't seem to find it and see it in person...
  6. Love that IF!
  7. I think the Haan is more classic but I find myself loving the IF more!
  8. I will be the different one-I really like the Cole Haan better than the other one
  9. Oh Gosh Darn it....I went ahead and bought that IF bag (And it wasn't even in my thoughts before I saw that post!!!). That makes 2 bags in 2 days (just got the Kooba Nisha yesterday). I found the IF on Ebay from a seller I have bought 3 bags from. It was 399 with Free shipping. Since I am still up in the air about the possibly too "cowboy" Kooba Mia, I am going to stop for awhile.

    This isn't too much impulse shopping for me. It's trying to make myself feel normal and better shopping. My Mom and Best friend were both diagnosed with Breast Cancer this week. All my joy in the usual things were gone for me. I am trying to find joy in what I usually did. And if I buy things and want things then I can talk myself into believing life will go on as usual and everything will be fine. Maybe it's wrong, but it's better than Xanax.
    May I ask that you can certainly talk about my impulsive buying or the new darling Audra, but please don't mention the reason. I just wanted to explain my rationale but I'm not in the place that I can speak about this agony.
  10. I hope that your mom and best friend r able to fight the cancer.. n its okay to make yourself feel better.. hopefully, things will change for the better...
  11. Lexie - You don't have to explain your actions, honey. Nobody is judging you here (I hope). You do whatever you need to in order to get through this difficult time. If you need to talk you can always PM me I've had 2 of my best friends go through the same thing.

    Anyway, I found this bag through the same e-bay seller and I'm glad to here he's reputable. I'm really thinking of buying it but as usal I am worried about size since I am 5'2". I like it a lot though.
  12. I'm so sorry, and I completely understand. Buying a new bag makes you think happy thoughts. My sister-in-law's mother is going through that now (and several of my friends have) and I have felt so sorry and depressed for her and my brother, I bought a new bag myself.
  13. You guys are so nice and understanding. Impulsive buying is never a good idea but right now it's helped me a little. I want to do the things I love most in life and find joy in them And in my buying attempts I am sayng that my Mom is going to be around for as long as my bags will....Because of course I would never sell my Mom on ebay! LOLOL (I made a joke...Yeah).
    I explained my purse buying to my husband tonight. 3 big bags in one week is a bit for him to swallow. He understands tho, and it isn't that I am spending money that we don't have. But rationally we both know that handbags don't buy all the happiness in life when you compare it to your family and loved ones.
  14. Lexie2000, all the best to your mum and best friend.

    Shushopn, if you don't really love either bag, please don't buy it. Are you interested in hobo styles only?
  15. Why don't you wait until one bag really catches your eyes? Maybe try different designers, and different styles, not just hobos? Don't worry you will find that special bag.