impulse shopping?


theatre fashionista
Jul 3, 2008
New York, NY
Do any of you ever shop because you feel like you NEED to?

I don't necessarily mean where it's a compulsion and you're in debt or something, but where it makes you feel better or you hate not getting what you want WHEN you want? :tdown:

I guess that sounds a bit princess-y, but I definitely struggle with it. If I want something, it's so hard for me to wait.

For example, right now I really want these Seven Jeans. I can order them on Friday when I get paid, like a responsible person, or I can order them now and run the risk of having to really scrimp til pay day since it's bill time. But I keep thinking "OMG what if they run out of my size!" :sweatdrop: As if that would be the end of the world. :rolleyes:

Anyone else share this?

Biding my time til Friday. :nogood:


Mar 30, 2008
I feel this way a lot. I'm getting better about waiting, but every now and then I feel like I have to get something NOW, like I can't survive without it. Luckily I don't get this feeling all the time, just every now and then.


Jan 17, 2007
East Bay, CA
it's not that i can't WAIT, per se, it's just that i'm having a harder timing telling myself NO these days. if i really want something, i'm good at waiting, or putting it on hold, or putting it off, all in hope that i'll talk some sense into myself and decide to pass. i used to be able to pass on things a lot more easily than now. these days, all that extra time gets me is more justifications to dream up.



Happy living
Mar 15, 2006
I'm the same way, been so since I was 16 and got a car. I was able to drive anywhere and get what I wanted, which included weekly mall visits after school and shopping shopping. Luckily I did work and had money, but no savings. College was worse, because then I really was free and spent a lot on designer stuff. It is impulse shopping, and it's possible to reign in your self control while you have just started.

What I do now is make sure I put something in savings (who know what may happen in the future. You may need it for emergencies or a fun trip!), and THEN I spend it on other things. Takes a lot of discipline and sometimes I may actually overspend, and then my next paycheck will save me. I'm fortunate to have a great job with great pay, but then my bf jokes "I wish you made less so you can stop buying." I've definitely changed. I used to buy $2000 handbags on a whim... now I think (at least a day) before buying. Hahaha. I'm not the best to give advice, but I definitely feel you.

Good luck, and try to set some future financial goals, even if it's small. It might help you avoid a purchase. I do recommend not frequenting online shopping websites or wandering the mall when bored-- instant money suckers. The Purse Forum is also very tempting haha. I love it though!


theatre fashionista
Jul 3, 2008
New York, NY
I guess no one NEEDS Vuittons, right? I mean when it comes down to it, I don't NEED the's not like I'm going to not last the winter if I don't go out and get these particular sevens's just funny what we convince ourselves of.


Jul 16, 2006
When I was in high school I once (only once - really) skipped class to buy a Prada bag that went on sale. I went during my luch break, but ended up coming back so late I just waited for the next class to start just to avoid having to walk into the class room with the bag and make up an excuse. I also left work once (this summer) to run to this boutique that had a Prada (yet another) on sale. I actually told my co-workers I was at the bathroom and they bought it! LOL I really am a sucker for Prada's on sale I guess.


Nov 18, 2007
Colorado Springs
Yes! I always feel like I have to buy something it could be a lipgloss or whatever but it's like I'm always craving something new. I'm not in debt.. well from that. So I think it's okay.

Back when I wasn't in the same financial shape i'm in today. I would literally starve myself because I blew my whole paycheck on a purse or whatever, so I wouldn't have lunch money. It was okay though, I was happy I got something.
Jan 20, 2007
I used to go impulse shopping on nearly a daily basis. I have nothing to account for it now, but I would always come home with a handful of cosmetics, or cheap shirts...then I got married. We have a budget and that stopped, quick! Now, sometimes I'll hoard my money until I have enough to go buy something that I don't really need in the first place!


1 <3 Lyndee!
Oct 19, 2007
I used to impulse shop a lot, but then realized that it wasn't making me any happier and was only decreasing the amount of money in my bank account.

If something sells out, something else is bound to come along.