impulse shopping is fun!


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Mar 11, 2006
ever have a day where you wake up and just need to contribute to the economy? thankfully hubs gave me the okay to support my local merchants. :supacool: i took a last minute trip to the city with him today. while waiting for his class to finish, i ended up downtown near lv/tiffany/saks/nordstrom (how did that happen? :whistle:) and a wapity decided to come home with me. :tender:

i always thought i'd prefer the white mc, but after hemming and hawing in the full length mirror the black worked better with what i usually wear. i can't believe how much fits in this teensy little case. i took a picture of what i plan to carry in it and there's still a little room. if i only take my car/house keys, i bet i could even fit my nano in there.

aaah so excited! :yahoo: although i can kind of see now why people think LV SAs are snooty. not the best shopping experience at the boutique today, even though it was WAY slower than any of the the other times i've been in. thankfully they sent me across the street to saks (the boutique was sold out of multicolor) and that SA was a doll.


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