Impulse order! Damier Azur pochette

  1. Ok,
    So I decided to order the pochette accessoires in Damier Azur...but one more thing, I can't find in threads, Is it cream or white? Will it really clash? I have the one in regular Damier. Pls let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. It is more of a creamy color. Not white. That is a cute little bag. Congrats on your new purchase.
  3. Oooh it's such a cute one!! congrats!
  4. I have been debating ordering this too! I can't decide between the azur, damier, and mono. I have been leaning towards the azur though . . . I ordered an azur speedy 25 and LOVED the azur color combo, although I decided that the bag wouldn't match my wardrobe so I sent it back. In an accessory though, I think it would be ADORABLE!
  5. yeh its a off white so not a harsh contrast! Congrats xx
  6. Looks like half and half cream or French vanilla coffee cream. Good luck it's really a great color for S/S.
  7. it's a great cream color. congrats!
  8. congrats!
  9. It doesn't really clash, it'll look great!! Congrats!
  10. okay- i have the speedy 25 and i went to wear it w/a new white shirt- and i couldn't. the bag is def. a french vanilla ice cream color (beautiful) BUT i really don't like it with a true white. it makes my speedy feel wintery, actually. on the other hand, it looks GREAT with other springy colors. i am disappointed, though. it appears to be much whiter on elux, imo.
  11. Creamy and I think it goes with everything!
  12. I think the cool purply undertone in the blue allows the bag to be worn with white as well as off white. Love it, congratulations!!
  13. it's a cute cream color. congrats!
  14. Hope you find a ton of uses for it! I'm excited for you!
  15. It's more of an off-white creamy colour. It looks great with summer colours and also contrasts well (not harshly) with darker colours too. You'll love it :smile: