Impulse / not so impulse Nile buy. :-) Experiences?

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  1. I was admiring the Nile for a while. I love the sleekness of that bag itself with the playful ring!

    Initially I loved the small one, but seeing it in real life, I fell in love with the medium one. The small is just too small for my needs, but the medium one looks just fine for days when I don‘t need so much (I am usually a girl who carries half her household around - you know muscle training. [emoji14]).

    As MyTheresa just happened to have a 30% Private Sale, I bit the bullet and ordered it! The black medium one! I love its versatility.

    Now I am superexcited to see it (will arrive tomorrow) and I already read all the threads in here and actually was surprised there weren‘t that mich threads about the Nile, but tons about the Drew...?!

    There even is not a Thread in the Reference Section for the Nile...

    So fellow Chloe Girls, I would love the hear from other Nile Lovers, how they like their bag, see modeling pics, read how your experiences are, whatever you can think of! [emoji5]

    And I hope I can post some pictures tomorrow!
  2. I think the only reason there are fewer threads for the Nile than for the Drew is because the Nile is a much newer bag. Drew has been around for a few years. I'm seeing lots of Niles out and about so it's definitely popular! Looking forward to seeing your photos.
  3. Then hopefully we get to see some more over the time... [emoji1]

    Unfortunately DHL screwed up and did not deliver my parcel as planned. I waited at home, nobody ringed me up, no notification, but when I updated the online tracking it suddenly said, that it could not be delivered as nobody was home and is heading to a post office...

    Great, waiting at home for nothing and that particular office is so far away, I am not sure I can fetch it the coming next days due to my working time... I am so upset...
  4. Sorry for the long wait! Had to wait a few days as everything was closed due to bank holiday, but I finally got it!

    I got it at the private dale from Mytheresa for 30% off. They really have the sweetest packing!





    Here it is: a black Chloe Nile in medium! I love how sleek it is and that it has a decent size (my criteria for a usable bag, is when it fits my mini umbrella!).



    I will later try to make some more photos in proper lighting!
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  5. So, as promised some more pics and what fit into the bag:




    I love the nubuk leather details and the whole bag smells divine (I love good quality leather smell!)!





    And here is what it fits. Quite a lot, which I love!



    Here we have:
    Small umbrella, passeport, wallet, pouch with bluetooth earphones, tissues, hand creme, battery, brush, chap stick, iphone cabel and there still is space for some other small stuff.
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  6. I took it out yesterday for a rooftop cocktail party and it is really easy to carry. I love the thin strap, which is really elegant with nice details!

  7. Thank you for sharing. The bag looks stunning!
  8. Thank you, dearie. [emoji5] I hope the pictures can help others who want more info about the bag!
  9. Some more action photos:




  10. Gorgeous! Congratulations on getting it on sale too!
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