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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    MMM how am I to explain this without coming across as unintelligent..:wtf:
    But Im sure we've all done an impulse buy...
    So without doing any research on Chanel (personally a Bal girl) I just completely impulsed and bidded on this bag I did not think i'd win!

    Well I did..but now I have a few questions...

    Is this a good first Chanel bag? Or is it best to get a 'brand new' one?
    Is this a good price for it's condition? (need assurance)
    Is this considered a vintage bag?
    Does the gold on the chain look okay?

    absolutely ANY information on this handbag would help tremendously!:biggrin:
    Thank you!
  2. I usually buy all of my bags preowned from reliable seller so I think you don't have to get a brand new's just a personal preference. I quickly looked at the pictures and the bag looks beautiful. If you are concerned about an items authenticity you can ask those in the authenticate this thread.
  3. #3 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    This is a great buy IMO...

    Chanel just had a price increase and a new flap like this would be around the $3k range (Retail: $2,850 + Tax). This bag would be considered vintage because of the older serial number but it is excellent condition. The lambskin is gorgeous and puffy. This is a perfect first Chanel because its so classic! This is the med/lrg size and you can use it for both day and night! Also this flap has the old GHW which is gold plated, Chanel does not do this on their new GHW. Congrats its gorgeous! :tup:

    PS-this is a reputable seller and the bag looks good to me but definetly get it checked out on the Authenticate this thread!
  4. Congrats on your 1st Chanel! I think you made a classic choice & got a great deal from a trustworthy seller! This was one of my 1st bags as well (I couldn't make up my mind & got the 226 reissue as well). No one but you will know (because of the serial #) that it's a vintage since this style hasn't changed that much over the years. I love vintage bags because IMO the quality was much better. This bag should last you for many more years to come. Don't forget to post modeling pics when you get it. I never tire of seeing this bag. Enjoy!
  5. Wow you guys are fabulous help :woohoo: can't thank you enough!
    I am excited but nervous because this is my 1st Chanel!

    Now getting into the details, has anything really changed from the 'vintage' chanels, to now? Just to get some background.
    Also in regards to the chain does it look tarnished a bit?

    Does anyone have any comparable pictures so I can compare
  6. I think you got a pretty good deal! It says MINT condition, so I will assume it looks pretty new. The brand new ones out there retails for close to $3000 now.

    And it's also a very classic bag from chanel, so it's definitely a good choice for your first bag. Chanel releases this style every year, and it's only to get more and more expensive.
    And like *So.Cal*girl said, vintage lambskins have better quality than current ones.

    I think the only difference might be the lambskin itself and also the vintage ones have a yellower gold chain?

    - I've also purchased from this reseller once, the service and bag I received was really nice. The gold chain on the bag I get was perfectly fine - shiny and no tarnish.
    If you're not sure about authenticity, you can always post the link on the Authenticate this thread.
  7. Beautiful bag, great seller! Congrats. Just wondering what's up with the beige dustbag...
  8. Yes! Omg. The dust bag was my next question..
    Odd...I'll have to take it to the authenticity thread to x2 check!
  9. The bag is authentic:biggrin:

    The chain doesn't looked tarnished. The bag looks to be in overall excellent condition. You got a great deal.

    Yeah, that dustbag - odd! But that doesn't discount the fact that the bag is authentic. Congratulations.:nuts:
  10. Hey, congrats! This is a gorgeous first bag, and as other posters have said, this is a GREAT DEAL!
    I am also a Bbag lover, that came over here to will find this is a great sub-forum filled with lots of friendly folks. I felt welcome right away, and everyone was patient with all my "newbie" Chanel questions!
    (... there have been quite a few Chanel bags since then in my life.....beware, they are more addicting than BBags!)
  11. I have come across this vintage beige dust bag a few times. I believe they came with some releases only hence rarely ever seen. :smile:

    Looking at the pictures the bag is in wonderful condition! Congratulations!
  12. congrats! thats a very good deal.
  13. thank you everyone

    Does anyone know the difference between a vintage chanel 2.55 to the chanel flap bag now?

    Also does the old gold look better or the new honest :smile:
  14. congrats! you got it at a good price though there is no authenticity card and the dustbag looks weird as i know the vintage ones come in white col dustbag. the bag sure looks good and authentic from the pixs imo. i was watching this bag too before i got mine but i would prefer to have at least the authenticity card that matches the hologram so i forego. the gold on the vintage is more yellow gold whereas the present ones are less pale. more subtle. i personally prefer the vintage gold on the lambskin and i think you make the right choice. cos i bought a similar bag recently but paid slightly more as it comes complete set.
  15. Congrats! You made a gorgeous purchase! It's worth to buy, definitely! :biggrin: