Impulse buys and Regrets later?

  1. Have any of you lost money on buying an Hermes bag that you thought you liked and then realising that it was perhaps a tad impulsive and then selling it away at a loss (significant or otherwise)... does this spoil your Hermes experience in any way.... just curious....
  2. Nope, I cought impulse buys very fast and was able to make it to the store in time to exchage them.
  3. I lost a thousand bucks when I sold my bj birkin. I try not to really think about it otherwise I would go :cursing: Actually, when I first bought it (in pre-owned condition at a private boutique) the price was a lil too high. But I wanted it so badly and quickly at that time I didnt do so well in the bargaining part :shame:
    The rest of my H purchases have been wonderful.. nothing to regret about.
  4. Yup! Vert anis chevre mini Trim (didn't like the style once I got it home), vibrato Canoe (loved it, never wore it), box leather mini Evelyne (too stiff for such a tiny bag), royal blue lizard 15cm Bolide (way too small, even for me) - and the list goes on! I fall in love every time I walk into Hermes. However, it sometimes turns out to be no more than mere lust - which flames out rather quickly. So, I've sold them, mostly at a loss. But, that doesn't detract from the Hermes experience at all. It just served to help me better define which bags work for me and which don't. It is all a learning process. :yes:
  5. I also have sold at a loss but.....(of course there's a but!) I also feel it's a learning experience and I am more careful and sure now....I jumped in too fast too deep, and now am learning how to swim lol!!
  6. Thank goodness I went down the learning curve on Prada bags. A lot cheaper than with H bags. LOL.

    Nothing I regretted with H purchases yet. Love them all. :P :P
  7. I've impulse bought fancy jewelry, scarves and small leather goods and regretted it... but they grew on me before I really regretted it. The $ for the bags is too much for me to impulse buy.
  8. Yes, every one of them so far except for the first one - Bolide. The Bolide I KNOW I wanted, the other ones were impulse buys that I thought I love at the time. Actually, I did like the fuchsia chever Kelly a lot but then I started liking exotics so that's why i sold it. The fuchsia ostrich retourne Kelly 32cm was something that I got caught up in the moment in. My ex-SA had shown me couple bags before and I've turned them all down, when I saw that bag on the shelf I just took it because I was unsuccessful in getting the 28cm and I figured I would settle for the 32cm souple. A month later, the regret hit me pretty hard.

    So now, I wait and wait and wait ... Although at this point I'm about to give up on Hermes altogether since it's apparent that my current SA never bothers calling me if there's something she knows I like. Geez, at least the East Coast store actually calls me more.
  9. Kou:
    are you going to call the store to see if they still have it? It might be the one!!!!:nuts: .
  10. I don't know if I'm going to bother, so p!ssed off right now. Granted I have a huge store credit with another store and this is a good opportunity to use it but at the moment I don't feel like giving them any business. This is the SECOND time they've done this to me ... IF they don't want my business, fine, they won't get it. I'll use it to buy something else ... I'm soooo p!ssed right now
  11. Just want to add that all the bags I sold had been at a loss ... One at $500 loss (brand new), the other at $1250 loss (used only a few times), and the other one at $2500 loss.

  12. Kou: I am sorry to hear that! that's really rude!
    what about the one in Vegas? not sure if it has the right specs.
  13. Huh? Vegas? There's a fuchsia ostrich in Vegas? is it 28cm sellier?
  14. there was a thread about it..maybe yesterday? I think Fuschia ostrich Kelly in Las Vegas..or something simliar to that.
  15. Eh? dangit, gotta find that thread ... Or I'll just call I guess ...