impulse buying = bad

  1. So I bought an Adios Star bambinone from Lindsey at SH outlet and she did an AWESOME job with placement.. it's super-adorable.. but I was on the fence for a few weeks about the cut of the bag... bambinone, zucca, gioco? I'd only had giocos before and thought I'd want something smaller.. well even though the print placement is adorable, the bag is just too small for me and I don't like the length of the strap. Unfortunately, I took the plastic off of the qee so I can't send it back for a zucca (I don't even know if the outlets will do that!)... but the bag is brand new and has the pink latte, polpettina, koi fish, adios baby, adios apple, and nano star... To get to the point, I decided I really, really am craving the AS in Zucca instead but I need to sell my bambinone first... is LJ a good place to sell? The AS bambinones I saw on eBay didn't seem to be selling.. I'd like to get close to what I paid for it, as it is brand new, not used at all and has great characters.... What to do?!?
  2. I think if you sell it on LJ for the same price you paid...the 20% off retail or whatever...maybe someone would snatch it up...
  3. aww, sorry you dont like it >.<

    but yea LJ is a great place ^__^ i just bought a inferno bag from there, people there are quiet responsive and friendly
  4. Give LJ a try - unlike eBay it's free, so if no one buys it, there's no further loss on your part.
  5. Do you girls think someone will want it?
    Any bambinone fans out there? :confused1:
    Strawberry latte and Polpettina! It's a cute bag, I just think I'd be sooo much happier with a Zucca. It's classier looking.. I have too many things that make me look like a little kid!
  6. :push: i bought both zucca and bambinone in AS. i do like the Zucca better but i think the bambinone is cute too T-T;

    well like lambfashionista said, it doesnt hurt trying ^^;
  7. Everyone's right, you should not have that much of a prob. Good Luck!
  8. I keep trying to train myself to like the bambinone more, but I can't get the zucca out of my head!
    How crazy am I???? :nuts:
  9. No I don't think the outlets will let you exchange it. The person I spoke with specificially said all sales were final.
  10. Yes, that's true. All sales are final from the outlet. But LJ is a great place to buy/sell/trade. I'm sure there would be interest if you post it there. Good luck.
  11. I agree! :biggrin:
  12. If it makes you feel better, I do the same thing...every time I try to convince myself that I love the styles I have and none of the others will work for me, I go to the damn store and touch one of the styles I don't have and poof! I'm obsessed with it and have to have it.

    There's something about these bags that I've never experienced before...I love to look at them, of course, but there's something about the way they *feel* that hooks me. I touched a Ciao, so now I need a Ciao. I love the sound the rings make! Yeah, nutjob...

    So then I picked up a Fumo Gioco at Nordstrom and put it on my shoulder just to see how it looked...fell in love, and now I have an Inferno Gioco on it's way.

    I do love the Bambinone, though...and I don't own one yet. Good thing I'm not obsessed with AS (yet!). :nuts:

  13. the only thing i wish changed about the bambinone was the length of the strap... oh well lol
  14. hmm did you think the strap was a lil too short??
  15. omg no lol. it was too long! at its shortest its near your waist.... i like bag lengths like the zucca and BV