Impulse buyer vs. Long study?

  1. Hi Ladies!
    Do you buy bags on impulse? Or do you study for a long time...stalk a up...think about it...and then buy...on sale maybe?
    Have your impulse bag purchases turned out to be mistakes -- or your keepers?
    Share all.
  2. I have done both. And I have mistakes from the stalked bags and keepers from the impulse bags.
  3. I definitely stalk the bag! But when I actually see things in real life and get to touch and carry them, my willpower to save a couple more months goes out the window and I'll just buy the bag! and then my bank account is sad and emo. So I guess I do a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. :p
  4. Actually, most of my impulse buys are the keepers for me. If it strikes that "must have it" chord in me at first glance, it usually turns out to be something I always appreciate.

    When I think too long about things, I start looking at all the styles from a maker, just to be sure that's what I REALLY want, and then I start thinking about practicality and longevity and all the rest. Yes, I end up buying a classic bag, but it is never really something I have a gut feeling of love for. I rarely carry ones like that, no matter how practical they might be.

    So, I generally see one I have to have, look it up in as many places I can think of the same night and order it right away (I rarely get to see bags in person, as I live in an area with no major department stores or high-end specialty shops).
  5. Funny you should ask as I happen to be in a "stalking mode" right now. As far as keepers vs. mistakes, it's about 50-50 for both whims and stalkers. I tend to be indecisive and my head is easily turned by "something else" so I think that's the biggest issue for me.
  6. For me, I find the impulse buys to be problematical. Emotion takes over and I forget to consider the important, will it slip off my shoulder, etc. I live far away from any store, so I stalk bags online, and then I make a shopping trip to the U.S. and see the bags. When I see them in person, I usually fall out of love -- too big, too heavy, too whatever. But if the bag turns out to be right, then I buy it.
    I do impulse buy at Woodbury Common. Sometimes the prices are so good, my heart palpates at the thought of a real _______ (fill in the blank) at THAT price! I don't trust my impulse buying, though, in general.
  7. since I love Chanel, my bags choices are too expensive, so I AM NOT an impulsive buyer at all!
  8. Long study. And sometimes it does NOT pay off. I've had things in my cart for days and someone else buys it and I can't get it OR I buy something I've been wanting for a while and realize it constantly slides off my shoulder / it's uncomfortable and I never use it.

    I wish I could make impulse buys.
  9. I've done both. I "stalked" a Chloe paddington for 2-3 months and when I got it I was extremely excited. That lasted for about a week. This was in February and I haven't carried her since. :sad: I still like looking at her but not carrying her. And for the $$$$ I just can't justify it. And then I bought a Hogan hobo that I have looked at but not drooled over on sale this week. I have unpacked it and looked at it for 3 days now but have not carried it. But I think think that I really like it? Go figure???!!!:shrugs:
  10. crouner -- did we buy the same hobo? the tabbed leather hobo? from nm?

    i'm fascinated to hear such negative things about the chloe paddington, that bit "it" bag...everyone who has bought it seems to complain about it. ah, the power of marketing...

    crouner -- you seem to be ambivalent about your handbag purchases... what bag DO you like and use?
  11. swanky mama of three: i totally understand why you don't buy on impulse. it's hard to be impulsive in the chanel bracket. that's a good thing, i think! better to plan out and savor your purchases...
  12. I go and browse and if I see something I am dying for, I have my favorite SA hold it and I go home and think about it for a few days.
    If I pass it up, sometimes I REALLY regret it, then I make her track another one down for me. . . then I KNOW I want it! LOL!
  13. i typically surf the sale rack...... which means, what's there to study?!

    it's on sale... it's nice... it's mine! hee hee
  14. i have a small bag collection, so i can't nessacarily say i've been in the game long enough to say i've "stalked" a bag. i did fall in love with the Devin by Kooba, and added that to a "i have to live on a budget" mindframe.

    that part right there would be planning right? seeing what i like, thinking where's the deal.... hunting.

    then this LADY i know put a bonnie for sale in the color i wanted the devin in on eBay. soooo i impulse purchased it. i didn't have rent for like 2 weeks after that, but i got it on a deal, and i love it to PIECES to this day! :love:

    the first "designer" bag i ever bought was a little khaki/gold coach double pocket gallery pouch, which is squarish and cute... and after that i bought a dooney (impules that i love, saw it at TJmaxx, grabbed it) and then i saw the same coach double pocket gallery pouch in black on eBay. i was like OMG I WANT THAT. but i paid 80 for the first one and was not interested in spenidng 80 again, like 4 months later. no way. i said oh well, but the next outlet visit i made, i SCORED one on an IMPULSE PURCHASE in BLACK for 40 bucks!

    HA i don't know where that puts me but i am truely the bargian diva.

    weee :wlae:

    it's the thrill of the chase i like!
  15. great thread by the way!