Impulse buy?

  1. Okay... is this a keeper or is it the price tag that calls to me. $299 at Nordstrom Rack got me this (but in medium size). It's nice but I'm not gushing over it. I usually say if you don't love it, don't waste money but the price is just SOOOOOO good that I'm thinking that an exception is necessary here??? :graucho:
    mj caroline.jpg
  2. Do you know for a fact that you don't love it? If you've seen/tried the bag in person and don't love it, I say skip it. If you just aren't drooling over the picture, then maybe give it a try?
  3. That bag is $299? Wow! I think that if you have seen it in real life and just are not sure about it, then I would say don't go for it just for the price. However, if you have not seen it yet, go and try it on! I like that bag. I find it to be very classy and elegant. And that is a fantastic price!
  4. You are so lucky, that's an unbelievable price for this gorgeous bag! It's a keeper to me! If you don't love it though, you should return it; please let us know where, you would make someone very happy. =)

    I have Caroline in Black, I love the fact that it looks very classy and elegant. It's one of my best MJ purchases ever, I would love to have it in Cream too. Whenever I fall out of love with MJ bags, this bag reminds me why I became a fan. =)

  5. OMG!!! That bag is gorgeous! I would definitely keep it! That is an amazing price and kind of a rare bag to find on sale! I say keep it, and if not definitely let us know where you return it! :graucho:
  6. Thanks for the input so far! I will definitely "try it on" at home and see if it grows on me. I'm not used to the chevron pattern and usually shy away from structured bags so maybe that's what is throwing me off from loving it. I'll keep you guys posted. Soon as I take pics of the actual bag, I'll post it!
  7. Great price! I think you did good... but if you find that it doesn't work for you after your test drive, then return it. Def let the girls know here because I'm sure somebody will snatch it up! Congrats if you keep it!
  8. GET IT anything rachel b wears is AMAZING
  9. Thats a cool bag and is it really that big? You seriously got this for $299? Amazing! If it makes you feel good carrying it, then I say keep it!
  10. You have to keep that bag! For the price, it's a HUGE steal. That bag, if it was the larger size, retailed for (I think) $1495. Even on eBay, they've been going for at least $500.

    Definitely keep it! It's a really gorgeous bag!
  11. I just purchased the bigger size (large bag) - i.e. the one that you have all the photo's of.

    I love the medium sized bag too - Post some photo's! I'd love to have some eye candy until my bag arrives! :flowers:
  12. The big size (Rachel Bilson) is regularly ~$1500USD and the medium size retails for $1350USD. This style is from F/W 2005, they are no longer in stores; I was able to get mine from a lovely PFer several months ago (I still consider what I paid a steal already, couldn't be happier).

    Actual non-MJ stores said that past season items sometimes pop up (returns or items found hidden in their storage rooms), they either put them back on the floors or send them to outlets right away. This is when lucky members like Bleeaptn find popular items (very limited, only a few) for really low price at outlets; most items at outlets are leftovers (didn't sell out even after multiple rounds of markdowns).

    Beeaptn, have you decided yet? =)
  13. I just purchased the LARGE bag (like in the Bilson photo) for around $700.00 - i'm pretty happy about it! :smile:
  14. Which Nordstrom Rack do you go to? I never see MJ at my stores! Do they have a lot?