impulse buy...

  1. 55492625_o.jpg
  2. I love the Amanda! Congrats!!
  3. thanks, melly! i had been eyeing all bags this color...:yahoo: and i'm a sucker for the quilted bags...heehee...
  4. Wow, nice bag!!! Color is so cute!
  5. I love it! And that's my favorite color in the Amanda. Congrats on a great find!!
  6. oh that is so pretty! congrats.
  7. :drinkup::party:Good job!!
  8. I like it. It is very cute. Enjoy.
  9. Congratulations! She is stunning:tup:
  10. very pretty! congrats!
  11. very cute!
  12. it's a very pretty color. congrats!
  13. love the color and shape. congrats.
  14. thanks!! ;)

    man, that's what happens on the very first day i decide to start shopping eBay again. :push: i end up buying a bag! heehee...

    and now i think it's time for another eBay ban...
  15. What a beauty--congrats!!