Impulse Buy: Dr. Q Hillier Hobo, Small & Black!

  1. So I'm supposed to be studying for a test that occuring in an hour and half, but my daily eBay email for anything MbMJ Dr. Q has struck - there was a BIN on a black hobo, size small :drool: With Microsoft's 30% Cashback option, I was totally enabled.:wlae:

    After some quick searching on tPF for modeling pictures, I was slightly torn between getting the small or the large. But then I rationalized, "Well, I already have a huuuge black tote/purse and a Coach Hamptons Large Leather Hobo, so why not go for the small and see how I like it?" I don't have a "little"/medium sized black bag anyways...:p I need some reward/motivation for my tests today, anyways! It's been a rough couple of weeks with school and LSATs, etc.

    :?: My only concern is, how is or how big is the slouch in the small? The large obviously slouches quite nicely, but does the small slouch at all? And how much can I fit in it?

    Oh, I hope this will be a nice go-to bag! OK, gotta get my head out of the clouds and into the books for my two midterms today. Thanks for listening!

    :heart:, nekostar0412
  2. congrats! it's a great bag! I had (and returned) the Large so i can't help with the slouch on the small, but it's such a nice bag!
  3. Did you get a good deal on it? Could I ask what the BIN was? :smile:

    Congrats anyway, I'm also searching for one...
  4. oyyy, im seraching for one too. i want one in saddle so badly but the eBay prices r sooo inflated
  5. I love this bag!! I have the saddle. My most complimented bag ever.
  6. Thanks, Dawn! I hope I like it a lot. I usually like to try on bags IRL or at least SEE them, but I bought this sight unseen :rolleyes: The large looks massive! Did you return it because it was too big?

    I think I got a pretty good deal on her, but only after the Microsoft 30% Cashback :wlae: No, I don't mind posting what I paid: $368 + $15 S&H before Cashback. I'm going to stalk my Cashback account for the next week to make sure my cashback shows up, or I'm gonna be PO'd...

    True. I checked other listing, and some people are asking for like $500+ for it! Just be diligent and keep checking e*bay or other stores!
  7. Congrats to you!!!
  8. Congrats - it's such a pretty bag!
  9. if you want to pay retail, I saw a small saddle hillier with silver hardware, I believe at a local bloomies. PM me if you'd like the location.
  10. That IS a good deal! That's pretty much the price I've been looking to pay... Hope I find one too!

    Enjoy your bag! :smile:
  11. awh thanks so much for the info! but i was hoping for the gold hardware. i remember seeing them in Saks, i shoulda bought one while i could!
  12. To those still looking for the hobo in black: The seller I bought it from has another Dr. Q Hillier Hobo, Small & Black w/Gold hardware listed, just thought you'd wanna know. PM me if you want more info.
  13. So that auction mentioned above ended pretty quickly, but never fear, keep looking and I'm confident you will find it!

    In other news, I checked USPS Track & Confirm and the bag arrived in my city today early this morning, so that means it should be at my door waiting for me when I get home today! I'm SO excited!
  14. I haven't laid my eyes nor hands on it yet. Since I live in an apartment, the postman doesn't like to leave big packages in front of my door; it's waiting for me at the post office.

    The seller that I bought from has aNOTHER of the same MbMJ Hillier Hobo, Small, Black listed. Once I inspect my bag, I'm going to message her about where she's getting all these from, because now, I'm curious...
  15. In case anyone is interested, I have a new hillier hobo in black with gold hardware in the huge size I need to let go of. I know a few folks here have been hunting for it so just PM me.

    I have the small black with silver hardware and I swear this bag is amazing. It can fit a ton and the leather is amazingly soft and supple!
    Definitely one of my favs from Marc!:smile: