Improving my LV-dar

  1. Is this bag real?
    I'm saying yes but the wallet is giving me troubles.

    Am I right or wrong?

    (sorry) LV bag
    Although, now I'm having doubts because of the semi-hidden LV logo under the pockets.
  2. hehe link?
  3. ^^^:lol: yeah.
  4. Fake.

    There's a fabric hangtag on the bag.. and why would a monogram bag come with a glace care book anyways ?
  5. Thank you ayla!
    Learning every day.
  6. Yep, hang tag.

    Has anyone actually got one of those brown care card envelopes that a lot of the fakes show? I've had a couple of key clef's given to me in larger brown LV envelopes, but never seen those small "care card size" ones.

    Was just wondering?


  7. Sorry total fake-a-roo. V
  8. We should start a perma-thread listing what to look for to spot a fake.
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