Impromptu vacay and little purchase ;)

  1. Hey Ladies!
    I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning until next Tuesday, report any threads that are suspect please as I may only check in a few times:cry:

    Oh, I wanted to share my little purchase tonight w/ you.
    It was unexpected but I couldn't leave w/o it!!

    My first piece of Chanel jewelry!:love:
    It's an antiqued burnished gold color and enamel w/ little diamonds and pearls.
    IMG_2272.jpg IMG_2275.jpg IMG_2280.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!! Love it!! Never seen it before...wish there were a catalogue of all the pieces. Enjoy your new ring and the vacay, too!!
  3. Beautiful ring! Have fun in Seattle!
  4. :amazed: Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have fun!
  5. Yippee! Looks great, enjoy your vacay!
  6. heya Swanky!! all the best for safe travels and please PM me if you need a shopping buddy...I'm unemployed and dangerous, mwhahahahaa :wlae::upsidedown:
  7. when do you go back to work grrl?

    I was trying to hook up w/ Roo. . . that's IF I can get rid of DH on the golf course:lol:
    Maybe we can all meet up?

    Ro, are you there too?
  8. Swanky!! I love it!!! I bet that it looks KILLER with the gorgeous bracelets that you wear...I love those too. (also, your hands look SOOOOOO young!!! im older than you so indulge me!!) Love your new ring.
  9. Congrats Swanky, gorgeous ring.
  10. oh la la!! So vintage it!
  11. ooooh...sooo pretty! congrats!
    have fun on your vacay!
  12. Thanks everyone!!!:winkiss:

    :love:J, that's REALLY sweet. . . it's actually a part of my body I am self-conscious of! LOL!
    I think they look dried up!
  13. Okay, do you want me to high jack your thread and show you one of my new rings on my OLD hands???
  14. LMAO! If you want to!
  15. Awesome ring! Have a great vacay!! Love Seattle!!!