Travel Impromptu trip to Las Vegas, nervous about traveling with purses


Jul 21, 2010
This will be my first visit, ever, and i've already started to pack all of my sequin adorned clothing. The only thing i'm worried about are which bags to bring. I rarely ever bring my nice jewelry on trips, unless I am staying with a family member or friend. I'm afraid of two things 1. my bags somehow getting ruined/lost/stolen at the airport and 2. the same at the hotel. I've had a prior experience with theft from my hotel room.

How do you ladies handle this situation? Should I just bring one go-to bag, risk it and bring a few, or leave my LV's at home and bring something less risky?
Feb 19, 2008
Baton Rouge, La
when i went to vegas in july, i bought my lv pont-neuf as a day/night bag. and BOY WAS IT HEAVY! esp, lugging it around shopping (bf had to carry it)
my bf doesnt like anyone cleaning our room, so we had a "privacy" sign on our whole trip
i would suggest a light bag or possible a messenger bag?
but IMO, i wouldnt bring too many bags because you prob would not use it.
but if you are nervous, you can always place your bag in the safe, granted it would fit.... HTH
we'll be back there for the NYE, and i'll be bringing a small chanel(as a night bag) and a marc jacobs natasha for a day bag, since im not afraid of hurting her.
oh, and OT. but the Wynn has an amazing breakfast buffet!
HAVE FUN!!! :smile:


Feb 23, 2010
San Francisco
If you plan of clubbing a lot, bring a clutch or wristlet. But you just plan to eat and watch a ton of shows, you can bring a nicer purse. I usually do the latter. :smile:


Jun 20, 2006
I never put nice stuff in checked luggage but in terms of actually walking around Las Vegas, as long as you're on the strip you should be fine - I've never felt unsafe there.


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May 2, 2006
I've been to Vegas three times and never had a problem. I too am scared about someone taking my things in the airport, but for the most part I want to believe that the cleaning people wouldn't take anything since then they could possibly put their jobs at risk. Last time I was there though, I just brought a Longchamp and a MBMJ clutch. I'm more about packing as light as I can so that I can buy more stuff and bring it home with me though :smile: I don't think that you'll have a problem with whatever you end up bringing though, but if you're worried about the airport, use 1 bag as a carry on and another in your carry on luggage.


Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
I always take one Chanel and one Goyard to Las Vegas. My light Goyard for daytime and the Chanel for evening...

I've never had a problem.


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Nov 25, 2008
In White Noise and on Whitewater
Las Vegas is the city of tourists and prestige- brands, shows, wealth, etc. I wouldn't worry about flashing a Chanel, LV, Hermes, whatever big designer you got as you shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb compared to others in general. Just use common sense with your bags like you would at home. Don't leave anything valuable unattended and visible/easily accessible at a hotel or sitting at a restaurant, etc.

The things you have to worry about here are all the typical problems that comes with any belonging at an airport, hotel, and being out and about.
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Aug 14, 2009
I actually was just in vegas this weekend. I recommend a clutch for dinner/nightclubs. And then a small bag/messenger or crossbody for walking around. I brought my galliera for traveling but never ended up using it because it's just so heavy when you're walking around.


Jan 15, 2008
Here & There
I never put nice stuff in checked luggage but in terms of actually walking around Las Vegas, as long as you're on the strip you should be fine - I've never felt unsafe there.

^^^^ ITA!

I'm heading there this weekend! Bringing a long an LV pochette (for evenings -- dinner and shows), and my Delightful for walking around. I'll use my Keepall as my carry on to store both in. I would NEVER check anything valuable, I prefer to have them on me at all times as a carry on.


May 7, 2007
I do check in valuables. Not everything fits the hand luggage. On my last trip from Miami to Chicago and then on to Stockholm, I checked in two Chanel bags, and one BV.


Apr 19, 2007
London UK
Going to LV for Christmas and New Year (cannot wait!!), will take a longchamp, mulberry litchfield/messenger style bag and a simple clutch for evenings. :yahoo:


Jul 21, 2010
Thanks for all the input ladies!
I decided to take my chances and bring my speedy 40 on the plane and put my eva in my carry on. Definitely hiding them or putting them in the hotel safe.

I'm hoping I win a little something while I'm there so my husband lets me buy a souvenir :yes: as i've reached my bag limit for the year (hopefully, if hes a good boy, that's just because he bought me something extra special for Christmas!!!). In my head I feel like the LV in Las Vegas will be overflowing with stock since people are in and out spending their winnings all day long. We will see...

I'm leaving on Friday so back to packing I go.