Impressions on the Brief?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if those who own the Brief can offer their impressions of the bag? I really love the shape and style of it, but wonder how people feel about them.

    I wonder if I will get tired of toting it - I can wear it on my shoulders right now, but absolutely not in the winter with a heavy coat.

    Also, can someone tell me what the price of the Brief is for RH? I remember the GH being around $1595.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions! :smile:
  2. I wasn't sure about my brief when I first got it. But the more I wear it, the more I love it! It's actually one of my favorite bags now. And it fits sooo much stuff without looking bulky! I don't have a problem carrying it on my shoulder but I haven't carried it with a heavy coat yet. Sorry, not sure about the price for RH.
  3. I THINK the RH Brief was $1195 just like a City. Although I love the shape of the Brief, I haven't honestly been using mine that much... It's a very big bag on me and I feel that it is TOO big for most daily activities. Also, I have been somewhat neglectful of all my black bags in favour of more colour. I may try to use it as a school bag once classes resume in the fall, since I don't really want to part with it, but can't justify keeping it if it never gets used.
    It's such a beautiful bag, but in the end, I wish I'd stuck with something City-sized.
  4. I love my brief! And like CC said above, it is BIG. If you like big bags, it's a solid choice. I'm 5'2" and small-framed but I feel that I can carry it off. Some people don't like the top opening's sort of oddish shape, but it looks fine when it's closed and folded shut, which is most of the time.

    The Brief is an interesting change from the usual rectangular shape everyone is so familiar with, i.e. City, Work.
  5. As a non-owner, my impression was that the shape is cool... but as far as Balenciaga functionality, it didn't do it for me. I found the opening too small, the handles too short for shoulder-carrying, and the shape too boxey - and not likely to stretch/slouch. Maybe for someone who prefers hand-carrying and a structured shape.

    So I don't have the same fondness for it as the people who own it :shrugs:
  6. I personally wasnt too sure of the brief when I first got my GH trufffe...NOW I LOVE IT!!It is the perfect size for me as I love big bags and I cary it both over the shoulder and toting it...
    My favourite was always the work but right now I think the brief is easyer to carry andmatches my bodyshape better..
    Above all I love how it looks when its slouching..I even loaded it with stuff the other day to make it even slouchier;)
    IM A FAN!!:graucho:
  7. Love it - though I have not taken it out of the house as I want to trade it to another color as my other bbag - a city is also a GH truffle:shrugs:. The leather is so soft and slouchy even for a new one so I can't seem to let go of it. Here's the back side:drool:
    july07 001.jpg
    Mine is reeally slouchy too and the leather is sooo thick..I think its the thickest leather apart from my 05 dark green first :heart::heart:
  9. I've had my cafe brief for some months now, and I absolutely love it. Even though it's big and I'm only 5"4, I don't feel overwhelmed by it. I love the curvy shape, and I find it sits really comfortably on my shoulder (more so than my city and work). I can fit a stack of stuff in, but it never looks overstuffed. I don't find the smaller opening a bother at all. I'm a big fan -- I just love this bag.
  10. One other thing I love are the deep big pockets inside and out - so no problem digging as the pockets can fit a lot of essentials:tup::tup::tup:
  11. What can you fit in the Brief? Would it make a good work bag to put your 12 inch laptop (so the smallest laptops like the 12 inch macbook), sunglasses, notebook, daily essentials.

    I'm trying to decide between the Brief and the work and the Brief seems more streamlined to me if I can get my laptop in there.
  12. Lady, the top of the brief is so narrow so I'd think it would be a hassle to carry a laptop in. It's big and roomy but I find the shape a slight pain. I would definitely choose a work over a brief for your needs. I love my brief but I do find the shape a bit tedious at times.