Impressed with RM quality

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  1. I have been lurking around the forum and I see some negative threads. Personally, I have been nothing but impressed with the quality, leather and hardware of all of my bags and I am always getting compliments on the amazing quality.

    RM is my fave.
  2. I have 6 RM's and love all of them!!!!!!!!!!! The quality is amazing and people are always admiring the cool styles.
  3. Welcome! I love my RMs too. It's nice to have you here. I merged your threads for the sake of keeping thsi forum organized since they are practically the same.

    Love the enthusiasm!
  4. I love my Rm's too her leathers are really top notch we never talk about that but her leathers wear better than any other bag I have owned and that includes balenciaga, chloe and several other. Some of my bags look brand new and that's after wearing them for 4 months straight!
  5. I have been very lucky w/ all my RMs. I had one issue w/ the lining bleeding in one bag. RM herself took care of it. I'm a happy camper:smile:
  6. I totally agree Kar, even though I only have one now, I am so in love with my RM MAM!
    I 've been wearing her since I got her in October, and every once in a while I switch out to my other bags ( Coach and Furla ) to give her a break... But it never lasts long. I love the functionality and beauty of my MAM the best :smile:
  7. Kar, I also have 6 RM bags and have never have any problems with them. The leather is perfect. I own other popular brands, too. And the only problem I've ever had was with a LV wallet. The stitching came loose.

  8. I'm curious as to where you got your bags? Did you get them from various stores, ebay or directly from RM? So far I think LunaBoston is the best bet, but maybe there are others out there that have perfect bags too?
  9. Thanks Littlerock... sorry about the double post. Grace- I got my bags from all over- 2 from e-bay, 2 from revolve, 1 as a gift and 1 from the NYC sample sale. I started buying RM's 2 years ago and love them all.