Impossible to find Agenda??

  1. I have been looking for a fabulous Agenda for years now and of course I have set my little heart on a Balenciaga agenda :heart::heart:. Is it completely impossible to find now that they have been discontinued for a while? I haven't seen any come up on may favorite online auction/resale stores.

    Has anyone seen or heard of one that might still be available in a store?? I'm not picky on leather color or type. Does anyone have any leads or suggestions??

    Many many thanks :smile:
  2. Hi, I've only ever seen one agenda, it was with the 2001 pebbly leather and it belongs to the forum member burukogepanda. It's beautiful, but I've never seen a second one...
    GL with your search!
  3. Ah well, I guess my little heart will have to go without. Maybe one day..

    It's ok I have a few other lovelies. :yes: