Impossible to find a Panda Cles?

  1. It looks like it is REALLY hard to locate a Panda Cles anywhere in the LV stores :sad: . Is this true or would they be able to find one if I called a LV store? Or is it better to call the 800# ?
  2. call the 800 number and they can check for you. I completely lucked up last week when I walked in and there it was in the display case.
  3. I think you should try to call LV customer service. Good luck !!!
  4. 866-VUITTON. they will be able to locate it at any boutique/Saks/NM, etc.
  5. thanks so much :yes: i just called the 866 # & they are closed right now..... a night full of thinking about the Panda <-- :love: until they reopen tomorrow.

    ps. blackbutterfly, you like the rock? i used to work with him.... ;) he's such a cutie!
  6. ohhhhhhh... lucky girl!! :yes:
  7. I just purchased one for my son through LV Customer Relations. They were able to locate me one from Atlanta. It was pretty banged up though. Sicne theres limited stock I cant complain. Good Luck!
  8. Good Luck!
  9. Ok, am I asking for the wrong thing when I call? I called the Scottsdale Az LV store near me and asked if they had any of the leather Panda keychains in and the SA said they were discontinued. Then I saw in a post where the Maui store might have a few. So I called Maui and the SA there said they were seasonal? :blink:

    What should I be asking for? How do you pronounce Cles? Sorry to ask such a dumb question :blink:
  10. I thought the "Panda" design was a Special Edition?? What's a cles?
  11. :graucho:i more than like the rock!! :love::heart:

  12. I thought it was the little Panda keychain, am I wrong and now I'm a total dork on the PF? :blink: lol....
  13. how was it banged up? scratches on the hardware?
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: you are too cute.....

    you should see him in person... :nuts: x's 100
  15. How much does it cost? I'm looking for one to go with my damier speedy:smile:. There are some on ebay, but I'm not sure if they are authentic or not.