IMPOSSIBLE to find a burberry novacheck headband?

  1. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a silk burberry novacheck headband- a flat one, not the pouffy quilted one- and am having no luck! I know they discontinued them a couple of months ago but I was hoping to find a store that has one or two left in stock. I dont want to resort to eBay b/c so many of the headbands on their are fakes. Any ideas? Has anyone seen them lately? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Ack, I know what you mean, I'm just looking for any novacheck headband, have been for awhile now. I'd be interested in finding this out too!
  3. I wish they still mad them. Would you get a quilted one.
  4. The quilted ones are sooo pouffy. I think you need really thick or curly hair to pull it off. I definitly couldnt do it. I wonder why they stopped making the regular ones?
  5. any suggestions on where to find one?
  6. id love to find one also
  7. any updates on the silk burberry novacheck headband??

    Anyone purchased one from a burberry boutique?

    I really want one ...the poufy ones look ugly on me... and i dont want to

    purchase online.
  8. YES !! My local Burberry boutique called to tell me that the flat burberry headband is available!! I'm so excited I'm going to purchase it most probably next week..I will post pics.
    I live in the UAE just to let you guys know!
  9. glad you guys find one! i was going to say eBay also becuase I have seen a few on there!
  10. Did you find it?
  11. yay i'm glad you found one! make sure to post pics!