1. Disclaimer ** I understand that many in the H forum are female but I know you all have experience with this matter and have great opinions/advice.

    That being said..

    What is the most important aspect of "business formal" attire? I have nice shirts and pants and was looking for an H accessory that would really put me into the GQ or Sartiorialist ballpark.

    H Cufflinks? Does anyone really notice....
    H Tie? Whimsical or plain..??
    H Cashmere Scarf? Do you wear a scarf with suit??

    I was thinking about a belt but I have a Gucci one that will do the trick..

    Love you all! :heart::heart:
  2. Business Formal Attire >> A well tailored business suit, no less. Nice shirts and pants don't count, IMO.

    And then accessorize with H cufflinks (yes, I always notice) and a H classic silk tie.

    Scarf with suit ... not really.
  3. I *always* notice when men wear cufflinks. It's like saying "D$MN I'm fine!" It's that extra touch. ESP. Hermes cufflinks.

    A great tie also speaks volumes.

    How about some jewelry? Chain d'Ancre bracelet maybe?

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. Suit with tie is what is typically meant by business formal. You can go with traditional or whisical as far as the tie, but judge based on the place of business and not your personal taste.

    Most men I know don't bother with French cuffs anymore, but that being said, ntohing hieghtens the class level more than when a man flashes his cuff and has an interesting set of links...

    No cashmere scarf. They are to be worn with a dress overcoat of wool or cashmere.

    Don't forget the shoes. Make sure you have a nice set of loafers or oxfords that are shining!!! You can look great but if your shoes look worn or scuffed, it throws that suit tie combo right in the trash as far as look.
  5. 1) I definitely agree with the well-tailored suit, however, I'm stuck with Banana Republic and Calvin Klein...Parentals need to foot the educ. bill :p
    2) On the H. site there are multiple colors/metals. Plain silver the best?
    3) It gets cold and I have a trench..I was thinking maybe when I go out?
  6. Cufflinks are always noticed! An understated Hermes tie is the epitome of business GQ, IMO.
  7. cufflinks, TRL! :yes:

    i'm not fond of jewelry on men 'less it's a ring/watch. i'm not crazy about bracelets...
  8. Tie in classic Hermes pattern worn with a dark or gray suit. They will see the tie looking straight at you faster than the cufflinks. At your age, the cufflinks might seem a little affected.

    Saks on sale. Barneys Santa Monica Airport sale or outlet.
  9. Last time in SF with CB and S'Mom, I saw a Black tie with white horse and buggies. That should be appropriate right? It could go with Black, Grey, White shirts!

  10. That isn't what I had in mind. The classic Hermes pattern is equestrian oriented. Usually has stirrups, ropes etc. Go look at ebay at Andy International. He has very nice ties and you could get an idea of classics from some of his things. If you see something online, be careful re the measurements. Despite what they say at the boutique, they do have varying widths over the years and also have extra long ties for very tall men.
  11. Ahh...I see
  12. You have great style anyway TRL and always look impeccable even in casual clothes so I will just say I think you would look great in an Hermes tie! :yes:
  13. :shame::shame: Thanks CB!
    I think the tie would be the best route. While I understand the "whole package" is important, my tie will be very prominent: Cufflinks might be hidden under a jacket. Since I don't do ebay, I'll just have to jet into the store to see what they have !!! :p I'm going to take the rest of the $$ and invest in a nice pair of shoes to wear with the clothes.

  14. Definitely a cashmere scarf works with a suit. Day or night.

    The most stylish european men, straight or gay, do it. Very attractive to see IRL. But only wrapped around the neck. No draping over shoulders etc (too girly).
  15. First suit, then tie & shoes. I wouldn't worry about cufflinks for a while...