Important websites down

  1. I'm the hunt for a black hobo that's neither humungous or boring, and a used LV tambourin.

    So look at all the websites that are down for construction: Tignanello, B. Makowsky, Let-Trade.

    Boo Hoo Hoo. (shedding a tear)
  2. Hey, Let-Trade's back up (and looks exactly the same).
  3. never mind, sorry.
  4. Don't forget QVC sells Tignanello and B. Makowsky so you can always check their website -
  5. QVC? Reallly? and I thought all they sold was d/cd Dooney bags!!
  6. They also sell Kathy Van Zeeland (big-time) and Stone Mountain.
  7. If you're interested in Tignanello and have a TJMaxx close by you may be able to find them there for a good price. The TJMaxx in my town has them quite often. (I have two bags and they're pretty nice for the price)