Important Warning about Light Colored Miu Miu Coffers

  1. The Miu Miu Coffer is a gorgeous bag, and deservedly coveted among many on this site. A word of warning though: do not buy it in a light color. I bought one in white with gold hardware from Neiman-Marcus. Miu Miu did not properly treat the hardware and it turned the calfskin black--after only one hour of use!

    Evidently, this has been a major problem. One of the handbag salespeople at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa (CA) said that so many of the light colored Coffers had been returned to the store with this problem that Nordstrom had to finally ship them all back to Miu Miu.

    Just be careful. Buy only from a reputable retailer, with a liberal return policy, save your receipt and please do not buy this bag on eBay or any other on-line site with the exception of the good ones like eLuxury.
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  2. This is terrible!! I have a bow satchel in fumo.. I hope it doesn't affect me.
  3. Thanks for the warning!
  4. I had to return my white coffer with gold hardware to Saks for this very problem- after only one day also! They exchanged it for the cammello no questions asked though and I've not had a problem with this one. I've had it for almost a year now.
  5. jeez...that's annoying. thanks for the warning!