Important Update on Dentelle

  1. Hi all,

    Just got off the phone with my SA. He read me an email from headquarters stating that:

    Show pieces (i.e. Besace, Kirsten) will be released on 2/25.

    Pieces such as Batignolles & Speedy are pushed back to 3/1.

    The pochette cles (the regular cles) is scheduled to release on 2/25.

    I'm kinda bummed....I was really looking forward to tomorrow. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that no unexpected price increase on the Dentelle ranges occurs.
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. thanks for the update twiggers!!
  4. goin to LV today, so keep my fingers crossed that the dentelle range is released in aus.
  5. ^:yes:
  6. thank you for the information, I didn't know there would be a Dentelle cles.
  7. Thanks for the update...I am kinda nervous too about another increase.

    I feel like that is exactly what is about happen!

    ***My heart is racing, and I am breaking out into a freaking sweat thinking about it***
  8. LOL sewon!!! Me too...I having enough trouble justifying $1420 on the speedy. I liked the old price of $1260 much better.

    And no problem everyone...that's what we're here for! Share what ya know :smile:
  9. could any one show me a picture of the Gold Dentelle bag, any bag. I really want to know:rolleyes:

  10. ****:sweatdrop: In fact, it seems that every couple of months I get to thinking..."any day now," and boy do they deliver:wtf:
  11. Thanks for info, I must call see what release date is here, keen to see these bags IRL
  12. i just called my SA today. the dentelle pochette/kristen will be released on 2/25 . i think thats the right date now.. and the price is 1420 . its not 1330 anymore. and the speedy also 1420. ( supposely was 1260)...
  13. I was told 26th
  14. Thanks..Twiggers. I kept wondering all day about the launch date...

  15. thanks for the info!