Important to me, PLEASE HELP me pick a combo!

Which combo would you choose?

  • Speedy B 30 with Monogram Eva

  • Speedy B 35 with Monogram Eva

  • Classic Speedy 30 in Ebene and Monogram, since you own Azur

  • Classic Speedy 35 in Ebene and Azur, since you own the Monogram 35

  • Option #3 and the monogram Eva, forgot about Speedy B

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Aug 2, 2006
Going to a new (to me) LV store this coming weekend that I have never been to, YAY! Here is the deal (lol) the more I think of which two or three bags I want to purchase the more confused I get so I am honestly going to let the most votes make my decision for me, so please vote what you honestly would go with... any comments added would be great. I am 5'2 and a 1/2 (lol) and wear a size 12
Here they are...

1. Speedy B 30 and Monogram Eva

2. Speedy B 35 and Monogram Eva

3. Classic Speedy 30 in Ebene and Monogram (The Azur is the only one I have left in avatar) so I will have all 3 pints again.

4. Classic Speedy 35 in Azur and Ebene (since I have the monogram 35)

5. Option #3 with monogram Eva

Sorry I know there is a lot of options and don't mean to confuse any one (lol) I know if I don't get some opinions, when I get into the store I will be more confused/over whelmed than now because of all the gorgeous bags and I will drive the SA nutz. TYIA :smile:
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Feb 23, 2008
Option #1, I'm an inch shorter than you and anything bigger than a 30 speedy B looks like luggage imo. I chose Speedy B over the Classic since you already have it in Azur and you can wear it both ways shoulder/hand held, :P I love the Eva too!
Aug 2, 2006
Getting ready to post pics of me holding the speedy 30 and 35, speedy 30 was sold but this may help you to help me, see which one looks best on my frame. Pics BTW were a week ago with no make up, etc ,so face is cropped ... never thought I'd be listing them on TPF, lol!!!


Sep 13, 2010
I voted for option 1, I am about the same height and size as you. The last time I was in the LV store I tried on the Speedy 30 and 35. 2 SAs both agreed that the 30 suites my stature better and I would have to agree, some times I lean towards larger bags and they tend to overpower me. Similar to what psxgurl said...I must look like I'm walking around with luggage half the time! ;) I also voted for option 1 since you can wear it on the shoulder too and it sounds like you don't already have a Speedy B.

Have fun with your decision!
Aug 2, 2006
OK... Here are some pics, they are not so good and yes I am standing on a chair in front of my dresser, lol! These pics were intended for my eyes only to see so I could tell which size I like best on me, I don't have time to take and download good pics today but thought this may be good enough to help. I am short 5'2.5 but am a little chunky, size 12-14.



more coming