Important Reminder- PLEASE READ!!!!

  1. I understand that there might be some confusion as to what the rules of the Shopping Subforum might be. Please, be aware of the following so that we may continue to enjoy this wonderful subforum:

    1. Under no circumstances are we to discuss, or link, to eBay sales. There is only one exception to this rule: to authenticate a bag in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread. This means that when someone posts a thread seeking a particular bag, you may not discuss what you have seen on eBay!

    2. You post what is really a glorified Want To Buy thread in the shopping subforum to fish for bags. Let me give you examples of what is and is not permitted:

    Example 1: Looking for a Vert D'eau City ... please post if you see any in any retail store or online store (other than eBay) Allowed!:tup:

    Example 2: Looking for a green bag.... will take anything, any size, please contact me if you see one. Not allowed because this is really fishing for bags, and not anything specific that could be found in a store. Just invites people to contact you in order to sell a bag.:tdown:

    Example 3: Looking for a Sky day... please let me know if you see any on ebay. SO NOT ALLOWED! :tdown::tdown:

    3. Reminder that soliciting sales via the PF is a bannable offense. IF it happens to you, please report it so we can act!

    4. Please read the rules which have been updated as well. Any ebay talk, even if in some code or obvious reference, will be deleted! PERIOD!

    Please help us enforce these rules by reporting when you see someone break a rule so that we can enjoy this forum together for a long time to come!!!! Any questions, please refer to this thread or contact a mod! Thank you!

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  3. Jag, if someone posts and asks where to find a bag that is probably not available in stores, can we suggest they start searching eBay, or is that statement a violation too? It seems we get a lot of questions about bag availability, and assuming that people aren't fishing for an offer to sell, I'm not sure we can even send them to eBay (without a specific auction in mind). TIA.
  4. Great question Chuggie! I think by now everyone should know about ebay, and can easily search to see if a bag is available. So, for now, I think we all need to refrain from discussing ebay because it is opening up a can of worms. If you want to refer someone to a brick and mortar store, or website that might have that bag, that is fine. But ebay chat is off limits right now.
  5. jag - I just pmed you, but I definitely posted a thread that should be removed. I also responded to someone's thread that ebay had some bags they were looking for up, but didn't put in a link. I'm so sorry! I wasn't clear on the rules and need a :smash: on the head!
  6. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. Thanks Jag. I will follow the rules obediently.
  8. Bump again. Jag laid it out perfectly clear.

    We have still been seeing these threads, and right now they do not belong here!

    Thanks everyone for understanding :tup:
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  10. re-read the rules in that Forum please!!!!
  11. are we allowed to know why eBay is so taboo?
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  13. Sorry, thanks for letting me know the rules, today was my first day to post :sad:
  14. ditto that. i'm curious to know as well :yes:
  15. Given the recent confusion regarding the ebay discussion rules, i am bumping this thread. Any ebay chat, whether in code or not, is going to be deleted. Period.

    Seriously ladies- there is no need to violate this rule. IF you are looking for a bag, especially a past season bag, then check out ebay. We all know that. THe purpose of the shopping forum is to help people locate bags in online (NOT EBAY) and brick and mortar retailers. It really isn't that difficult a rule to follow.