Important Reminder For Hermes Forum-Please Read!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Unfortunately, we need to remind everyone of some rules for the Hermes subforum.

    1. Please do a search before you create a thread. There are numerous threads on the same topic time and again, and it is very difficult for the mods to always merge, close or redirect such threads.

    2. This forum is for Hermes discussion only, not general discussion topics. We have noticed many threads lately which do not belong in the Hermes subforum, but rather are more general discussion threads. Simply adding the name "Hermes" to the title or to mention it in the thread itself is not sufficient. Also, if you want to show a member a particular item that you have found on line, either post it in the Post eBay finds or PM that member directly.

    3. Please post all questions as to authenticity in the Authenticate This Hermes thread located here:

    We work very hard and appreciate all of your effort to make this subforum the best it can be. If you have any questions, feel free to PM either me or Kellybag. Thank you.:love:
  2. ^^^You all are doing an EXCELLENT JOB, Jag!! Thanks for being a part of making it so organized and enjoyable and informative!:heart:
  3. Thanks, Jag! (for the reminder & your diligence in maintaining the board!) :smile:
  4. Read and understand. Thanks Jag for all of your work on tpf.
  5. got it.. thanks again for all the hard-work..
  6. Thank you for all your hard work, Jag! Which we know you do on your time and at no charge.

    Blux, just read your signature. Congratulations!!!
  7. Got it!

    Thank you for all your hardwork jag and Kellybag!
  8. Thanks. As a newie to the Hermes board I appreciate the information and guidance. Thanks again
  9. I was a mod for another forum before. Totally understand how hard it is!! :sweatdrop:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your effort, Jag. You did a WONDERFUL job. :drinkup:
  10. Thank you ladies! Kellybag and I work hard and want to make this the best forum it can be. So please, don't hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions as well- we love hearing your ideas and concerns!
  11. No problem LaVan and thank you for the kind words. Members like you make it a piece of cake LaVan.:yes:
  12. An excellent reminder thread - and I'm sure I'm one of the offenders. My apologies! A newbie has been humbled. Thanks to all the moderators for keeping a close watch on us, keeping us safe, and devoting their time for the greater good!:yes: :heart: :smile:
  13. Really, I don't know how you ladies do this - mod'ing a bunch of purse-obsessed chatterboxes like us - kind of like herding cats, eh?
  14. Duly noted--thanks for the reminders and for keeping this forum fun and organized!!
  15. Jag & Kellybag, both of you have done an excellent job! Now, where's Meg & Vlad? Don't you think our mods deserve something? :yes: ;)

    Something from Hermes?:graucho: