Important question!!

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  1. Should I order chinese or italian for lunch?
  2. Italian. Chinese is too salty.
  3. LOL! Italian. You're right! This IS a very important question! But yes, Italian.
  4. I love both but I would say Italian too!
  5. I love them both too but maybe Italian today. For some reason, everytime I eat Chinese ( no matter how much I eat) I'm still hungry after...:confused1:
  6. I vote for Chinese (but I'm Asian, so I could be biased:graucho:)
  7. Yup ! Italian :yes:
  8. hate to disagree, but today i'm feeling that chinese would hit the spot for me.
  9. mmmm....italian.
  10. OK-I was leaning towards italian too-you guys comfirmed it!

    Enjoy your lunch everyone!
  11. lol! Chinese
  12. Italian. Go heavy on the salad. Love salads!
  13. Most defenitely Italian!
  14. both will make you drowsy