IMportant question regarding straps. Help!!

  1. HI, what color are the lining of the straps of Louis Vuitton bags. Are they Orange,dark red,....... I don't know. Are they all the same color cause i wanted to know what color the lining of strap of the manhattan gm bag is supposed to be. Would appreciate thanks
  2. any body else, I don't have a pic because i don't have a particular bag i want. I just wanted to know just in case.
  3. does anybody here have a monogram Lv? if so what color are the lining of the straps. I hope some here as a lv bag. it would really help
  4. All vachetta straps have red edge glaze dye. Front and back of straps should be vachetta leather.

    Check Visual Aids for reference.
  5. thanks very much but where is the visual aid section
  6. manhattan gm.JPG
  7. This seems really odd to me.
  8. this is: a person who tries to improve the fakers
    OR: someone who is really "new" -> try searching in other posts :-s :-s strange post haha
  9. or search eBay: always great for pics!
  10. Hi there! welcome to tPF!

    The straps' or handles' glazing is generally dark red or burgandy red with a hint of orange.

    PS: I don't understand why several people here are suspicious of the OP. I think it's rather rude. I always try to help new PFers no matter how 'silly' the question is. And also, even if the OP really is a 'faker', it's not like these people can't figure it out themselves that most LV bags have the red glazing.
  11. uhm the op is rude herself I M O
  12. How? I don't see him/her naming names, using profanity, ridiculing others...etc.
  13. Never mind or I'm the bad one again.. She just seems weird asking such a question and her scentences are so cold, and it's my right to think what I want to think and to say what I want to say and I don't want a drama everytime I do so! No hard feelings ay