important question regarding MOCA

  1. hi guys,

    I'm pretty new to the forum and the takashi murakami exhibit just opened! I really want a neverfull and my bf is nice enough to go down there on thursday to help me get one!

    So i just need to know some information in regards to stock and tickets because I do not want him to waste his time going to the exhibit and end up waiting or stuck in a crowd and walk away with nothing (aka, wasting his time).

    I just need to know, are there still alot of neverfulls left?? I read some threads and people are saying that there are no more agendas! Im thinking about either getting a pm or a mm, so if anyone has an idea if those items are still left, can they let me (us all) know?

    and also, i went to the moca website and you can buy tickets for the exhibit online. for those of you that went, did you pre-purchase your ticket or is it not necessary?

    And any other info would be helpful. I just really dont want my bf to go down there and have to wait or not get a neverfull. we live in Canada, so im really excited if he is able to get one!
  2. I went on Monday around 3 pm. I thought tickets would be sold out since it was the first day for the public. I was wrong....I just walk right up to the counter and bought a ticket. There were no line and it was not crowded. When I was there they had all the The SA told me the multi-color agendas were sold out. I would call them to see if they received any new shipment ....good luck!
  3. Yup, Agendas are all sold out.

    I think there should still be Neverfulls left on Thursday. Good luck!
  4. thanks guys!

    I'm just so excited that my bf gets to go and check it all out!
    I wish I wasnt working right now.

    I really want a agenda, but I already have the red epi one, and I don't think I'm willing to fork out 600$ or however much it is. But it's so cute...good thing I have a day to think about it!
  5. According to the MOCA website, admission is free on Thursdays from 5 to 8pm. So if you're worried about having to pay only to find out there's nothing to buy, try planning your trip during those hours :yes:
  6. argg i have a company event thursday 5-8, I'd really hate to make the drive out there, buy tix, and have the neverfulls be SO.
  7. Good luck, keep us posted...and what a wondeful bf you have!