Important question for you all

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  1. I'm trying to see if the new site's location has propagated around the globe yet. Please go to our Purse Blog and scroll to the very bottom. Do you see

    Hosted at Jupiter Hosting


    Hosted at LayeredTech


  2. layered tech :smile:
  3. Jupiter Hosting
  4. The new server is at Jupiterhosting, maybe it will take another day or so for the changes to propagate around the globe. I see Jupiter myself.
  5. jupiter hosting
  6. Jupiter Hosting
  7. Hosted at Jupiter Hosting.
  8. Jupiter here !!!
  9. hahaha WHAT WAS I LOOKING AT THEN?! okay, now i am about 25,000 shades of red. lol
  10. jupiter hosting :nuts:
  11. Don't be red, Megs sees the same thing. Your ISP (whoever provides your internet connection) just doesn't have the new location of the domain updated, it should take another 24h or so to point to the right one. ;)
  12. Jupiter hosting here in KY.
  13. Layeredtech as of 11.06am (EST) Fri Feb 17.
  14. Jupiter; but I almost didn't get to the bottom with all the bags distracting me. :P