important question for the mods

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  1. Please take this request very seriously, as that is how I am requesting it.

    I was a member here for quite some time (over a year). I posted daily in various forums across the board, but mostly "Relationships and Family" and "Health and Fitness".

    I recently PM'd someone looking for a specific bag. I was NOT selling anything and simply had a friendly conversation in which I recommended an eBay seller. That recommendation was nothing to do with me, it was simply someone whom I had completed a few good transactions with. A short time later this person was accused of being a scam. I am not arguing whether he/she was or was not, I don't know that information, but I did buy several things from him/her in the past on eBay.

    I am SO SO SO SORRY that I PM'd this person. I HONESTLY HAD NO IDEA IT WAS AGAINST THE RULES. I know that is my fault for not knowing the rules, but I am so sincerely sorry for the trouble. My account was in good standing and I rarely had any comments in Ebay threads or other designer threads. I don't buy and can't afford designer things but I love this community. I have been helped in so many ways by other members here. At this time, I have an ongoing PM friendship with two different women who are helping me through troubling personal situations.

    In the past year or so that I have had this account, I never once caused any trouble. I had a few hundred posts and logged in almost daily. I was becoming an active member of several (non-designer associated) threads. I was tracking weightloss in the health forum and improving relationships through that forum. I could easily create another account, stay under the radar and continue the posts I was last week. But I don't wish to do that. 1. It's against the rules, and 2. It's just not right.

    May I please just have a temporary suspension or some other form of reprimand? Please. I will learn the rules and never break them again!!! I honestly didn't know I was doing something wrong.

    I ask that this request simply be considered and whatever the answer is, I will respect. Please and Thank yoU!
  2. You seem to match a number of banned members. . . :thinking:
    I know who you are :yes: and it wasn't just soliciting via PM, you were trying to sell or put one of our member's into contact w/ a Seller of a counterfeit. . . we're not the right community for you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.