Important Please Read For Online Sample Sale!!!

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff
Jun 6, 2006

In preparation for the sample sale, I wanted to give you further data on how its going to work!

We have a set # of bags set aside, so when they are gone, thats the end of that! If you miss out and we have more bags after the physical sample sale, we will let you know on a 1st come basis via Catalina. We won't have this data until Monday the 19th.

How its going to work is that the code: vincent will go active on THURSDAY Midnight EST. THAT IS 1 Min after 11:59pm on WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

At 11:45pm on WEDNESDAY night, we are going to post a list of what bags on the site are being offered for the sample sale (i.e. NO TANGERINE, NO WINE, NO BLACK WITH BASKETWEAVE ETC.) Then the code will work for the items we listed only.

Since this is for you gals only, please help spread the word within TPF so that all know what is happening and how its going to work!

Shop on!!!


Apr 28, 2008
I am confused as well. Will we be able to see how much of a discount we are getting or only after entering the "Vincent" code? I am assuming that the code is for a certain percent off since it is a single code. Also wanting to know if there is a specific section where we need to be looking for the bags available.