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  1. Ladies and Gents-

    Vlad and I want to remind you that the Purse Forum is a place we want to keep running as smoothly as possible. We could not be happier with how the forum has grown and how great the members are.

    With that in mind, there are always a few exceptions. We want to remind you what this forum is NOT a place for. This forum is NOT a place for spam (don't even try it- you WILL get banned immediately).

    The forum is also NOT a place for drama- so far it has all run so smoothly and we have so many members who love the atmosphere here. If you have problems with a member contact them via PM first or talk to Vlad, myself, or any of the other Mods. We do not need to see drama arise in threads. People will have varying opinions and we are not asking you not to have your own voice- but have your own voice respectfully. The Mods are not here to be overbearing, but if we feel that the drama becomes too much- we will first talk to you and then if it does not get better you WILL be banned.

    Closely related, we do NOT welcome name calling. If you have come here to call someone names, you can also be banned. Don't think just because you are behind a computer screen that you can come into this board and call someone names. Be respectful of other members and don't try to gang up on people- it only causes issues.

    Please make sure you read/re-read the PF Posting Rules. We adhere to these rules.

    Don't get me wrong- we want you all to come here to have fun!! I don't want you to think this is some overpowering Mod Team- we are actually quite easy going. But we have had some members think that we would not step in to ban when necessary and we will. Now let's get back to having some fun!! We are so happy to have you all here :love:
  2. Well said Megs!!!!!!!!!!! Hoo-rah!:amuse:
  3. Thanks, Megs!!

    Just for the record: I left a thank you in your reputation thingy but by mistake I checked "I dissaprove"!! :shame: Just wanted to publicly apologise and promise I won't start posting on a Sunday morning so early because obviously my brain is still asleep!! :nuts:
  4. Thanks Megs! :biggrin:
  5. It's not like it matters since she disabled it.
  6. :biggrin: Thanks Megs, we all love it here, and don't want anyone to ruin the atmosphere.
  7. Actually it DOES matter. I appretiate her apologizing either way and clearing it up that she does like it here and appretiate what goes on.

    Welcome here Cece31!!! Really glad to have you and don't worry about the mix up!!! :love:
  8. Thanks for the sticky, Megs. I guess that some of us fired the recent drama with jenniferm/curtism/curtis.54 by replying to her posts, in that thread.

    Apologies for unintentionally contributing to that drama. The whole thing took me totally by surprise.
  9. Thank you, Megs :biggrin:
  10. Thanks, Meg and Vlad! every now and then, we all need to be reminded to be polite. :o)
  11. Well said Megs!
  12. Thanks Megs!
  13. Great job!!!!
  14. Love ya Megs!
  15. good job.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.